Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!

White Buffalo Calf Woman (Ptse San Wi Yan) has come home to your hearts. It's time to walk the evolution's path. We all are part of the Rainbow Clan, my relatives each and everyone. Receive the treasures that your iyes(h)ka (interpreter) gifts to you, the sacred song blessings, that always are true (soul and voice of the song). And inside of you, the soul that comes alive, the prayers that live, and shout, "I am and I thrive!"

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Aho Dear Twin Deer Mother (White Buffalo Calf Woman), If you have the time and space I would like to receive a song blessing...Thank you very much.
Blessed Be. SS your Song of Heaven, Green child, Spiritual Embrace

Southern Season Greetings, Sending love and kisses to all the misses!
your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child

Aho Beloved Twin Deer Mother, Thank you for the song!!! My soul jumps from joy and got tears in my eyes! This is how I feel inside!!! Thank you for the pics as well! They express nicely what I feel... Welcome to Paradise where the Tree of Life blossoms one's/once more!
Blessed Be. Southern Season your Song of Heaven, Green Child, Spiritual Embrace
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Doris's Heart Puts a Spell of Contentment on You, Come Home, Come Home!

There is never a day, when my heart if full, and I want to say, that God is the way.  I want you to know, the beloved and sacred snow (crystalline stone river we all flow through, the blessed), that we are here joining in heart for all to know the way home. I come this day to be, the heart of all the leaves (relatives on the tree of life) and we could know each other, when we start to love.

Can we tear walls down, to build them again?  And I would sing glory hallelujah, to all that is spring.  Hoping for showers, that bring our hearts together.  Living and loving is all we need to be.  And what could be better than birds in the Spring, when they bring new birth and chicks to sing to us again.  I know it's not easy to give love in this day, but we could be joyous if we all learned to be this way.  And my heart does slumber in the land of much love, because my heart bleeds for all the good children from above.

We are the next generation the next place to hide.  The next place to come out and share all of our hides (share our stories).  And when we share our stories and when we share all that we do, we bring God the fortune of being good children inside.  Can we muster up the strength to be this way in a world, where so many don't know love but instead only know gloves.  We don't hold each other or protect the very wind, sow plant the seeds of love again, and take off those gloves.

We need to touch each other, we need to be again, the brotherhood of justice in all and everything.  And I can grow inside of you, the dream that is coming home, when we learn about kingdoms of love that does reign.  I will hold you and show you the way home this day.  I will bless you and keep you in my heart for always.  And when those forget the sacred trees that do last, I will come and bless the new world for it to last and last.

White Buffalo Calf Woman sings for the heart of Doris, she puts a spell on you, come home, come home!

Fire Offers Purification

Monday, October 19, 2009

Debra Swelling Mountain Calling, your Song of all Songs, the Song of the Heart

The love of dawning comes to spring, the day of coming home is never end.  And I want you to always know, that I am here forever to glow.  We are going home to know, that love will always help us grow.  And we can open the portal doors, when we choose love and help us grown.  My darling, come home to me, help me lend you all to see, the heart of magic is here to be, the one who comes to gift you the keys.  Open your heart and you will sea, the glowing light of liberty.  And I wish you could understand, the helping law of God's demand.

We are here to be in love, the place of knowing, the place of doves.  And when we choose to walk away, then we don't learn how to walk or play.  Gift to me, the song of love.  Gift to me, your ever longing dove.  And I will be here with your heart, the song of angels will gift you the start.  We are dancing in the light, the place we hear, the place of delight.  And when you come home, wait and sea, the heart of me, the heart of thee.  We are going home, my love, can't you see?  We are going home to Angels who are free?  And when we come to your open door, then all will be the open hoar. (Sometimes called frost, hoar is a layer of ice crystals formed between the ground and snow cover by sublimation.  This is complete, absolute utterance of the perfect crystalline unity of many of the Oneness, the voice of the song as the embodiment of Oneness where there is no separation between the soul and the flesh, as we can skip the step in the lessons as in conflicts, this makes all easier to find joy!  A place upon the green grass of Earth and where the Clouds of Sky float by, like heavenly Angels.  Here we live in peaceful bliss, protected from the harsh elements of transformation or suffering and conflict, where the perfect crystalline river flows again! Also known as sugar snow, the sweet river of knowing, the journey of the heart, the tears of joy. This often comes when we have characteristics of age, especially having gray or white hair often called hoary, the signs of wisdom, the Yellow Way, the steps that take us into Brotherhood, the Golden Age!)

Days come home to me and let me in, the place of longing, the place without sin.  And I am looking forward to that day, when we come home and learn to play.  And I know you will always be, the heart of trumpets who long to sea, the song of Angels who lift their voices high, to be inside of the permanent sky.  Don't you look at any other ways, but it will be here yesterday.  And tomorrow will bring us home this way, because we know that God is here to stay.  There is longing, there is hope.  There is constant overlook, because we don't think of things that soar, because we know and are open to more.  This is where we learn to dance, to sing on top of mountain tops, and we can find a new way home, when we go home to dance and sing again.

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
Heart Song of Debra Swelling Mountain Calling, the Song of All Songs!
Image: Soul of a Unicorn
In a world filled with adversity the unicorn symbolizes all that is pure, gentle and loyal. She travels to all corners of the earth, with blankets of flowers springing up wherever she treads. She helps those who are sick in body or mind with a touch of her healing horn. She weaves a special magic to influence our hearts to do good, and to give us the desire to help others, and fill us with joy at the beauty of our planet.

Fire Offers Purification

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Holiness David Sings the Song of his Soul, the Unification of Mother and Father

My heart speaks of the communion, that's where angels come to seek.  I am the way of loving all the angels, for they must come through fire to keep, the blessed they walk toward me, and fire does purify their soul.  And I am here to be the judgment, the soul of purification to keep.

My love will bind you through to salvation, and I will always hold your heart, for I will fly into the windows, and I will fly where ever you start.  There inside of all your judgments, I will come and unite it all.  For we are just a part of a blanket, the carpet of love that does fall. (down to earth, from heaven)  My love will travel the universe to find you.  And I will come to greet your heart, and none will come with their baggage, because we have burned it from the start. 

There we go and we travel forward through the time and eternity.  And I will be with you always, because my love is where you bind.  The bondage of love is where we go now.  The place all servants come to command, the heart of all the people, is where we go to be the slaves.  The slavery of how we are devoted.  The slavery of how we love them all.  And this is what we yearn for, to be good children upon the floor (the garden of paradise).

Here is the song of paradise within me (tears) , and I will go with you throughout the time, and we will always be together, because my love will always bind.  And if you need more than judgment, then you need seek my wife to be (angels of paradise), for she is always here devoted, to the heart of all who know it's about time.

Now is the time of the judgment, the song of love is everywhere.  But you see it's not that easy, it's really going to work to have it all.  We need come to rescue the family.  The ones that don't know their way, and we are going to take them with us, because we are going to have this fall.  The falling of humility will guide us, like the sacred rainbow that does fall, and when it gifts the heart of brotherhood, then we will rise up to the call.

Now when you put two rainbows together, we call this a sacred circle of life and we are finally coming home together, to be the oneness that we called.  And we can follow in the footsteps, and we can find the love we seek most of all.  And we are part of this salvation, when we come home and fall apart (to be put back together again).  we need to dance in the darkness, and then we rise up to be the light.  this is the way of the eternal, because we love all into the night.
(earthly low tone)

(now heavenly high tone)
Don't despair my all.  Don't beware my love. take my hand and be with me.  And we will fly to eternity.  Come hold my hand to day and pray.  Come and be the sacred devoted way. And we will fly away.  We will be the sacred dance today.  I am here to hold your heart.  I am here to gift the start. I am here to hold your hand.  For all the children to understand.

Light and dark in me come home!  Let us all come to this storm.  Let us fly into this nest we call home.  And let us live the sacred stone (crystalline stone river of ONE).  My children I love you.  My children with a view.  My children who don't know your way.  My children who long for the day.  come and hold my hand to day.  Come and make a stand to day. come and be the sacred beloved way.  And we will be the army of god who knows the way.

Be with me!  Come and be with me!  Come hold my hand!  Come and understand!  We are one land you and me.  We are gardens of eternity.  And we fly away, when we know our way.  and when we know the way, we come back home to stay, and drop to earth to play.  WE come down to learn to pray.  come play with me in gardens pure.  Come know the way, over rolling hills and we will know the way of loving each other every day.  We will long for eternity, inside of all the leaves.  We are one hand (silence of eternity, always seeking the other hand) not two, we are sacred loving blue.  and we come home to you, where we walk two by two (where the flowers grow, man and woman come together and blossom true love, and a dream is born, a child, the eternal dance of oneness), this is how we walk the way, the eternal flower blooms the way, to hold my hand to day, to walk eternal ways!

Fire Offers Purification

Friday, October 16, 2009

Yaron's Heart Sings Peace Upon the Shores of Time

Peace upon the shores of time that swell and make the world go blind, and what do we do, but shed a tear, for those who don't know which way to go. This is what a heart does do, suffer for the world for love and we are here to make it right, when we fight against all the ignorance and plight. 

Gift the world a song today and learn to walk a better way, when we touch the hills of time, we go round and round to earn our way.  Now it's going deeper within, to find the sins of all the men, and if we pray and send good vibes then maybe they will come out to play.

In the meantime, I say, "I do", to tell the world, my soul has a view, with open doors and shutters too, to say "Come light and play awhile".  There upon a midnight's dream, we dance and laugh and have good dreams, for we are the part of the world who knows, that God is filled with so much joy.

When yonder breaks and feels our hearts, we think and ponder with so many smarts (stings) that we need rest and play awhile to remember God has so much time.  We are here to enjoy our lives, not always work and be so blind, when song will lift us up to the sky, to speak of stories and how to rely, on peaceful ventures what gift us truth, to the heart of men who have no time, and we can show you have to live, inside the heart of all good men.

There beyond the window breaks, the heart of me, the heart of thine and we can open all the doors, when we learn to sing and dance again.  What is important here today, is to bring the song in to the hearts of men, and when we find our thoughts have gone, we rely on music for us to get along.  There is where our heart does sing, the place to ponder, without the flies.  They do need to rest and dance, to find the joy, to find the time.  Relax, I say, relax and find the time, to have some fun and eat, drink, be mine.  For we are longing to have good friends, but even more our relatives. 

Come home, come home, I say to you, the days of Dawning are upon you, and if you don't listen to all that's right, then you will jump off and out of time.  We need be with the rest of the world, who sing and dance like they should.  For we are going to live inside the heart, the place of music, the place we start!

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, you twin deer mother, who sings the heart of Yaron's Soul, who says, we have a better way, to love and sing and say, "hip, hip, hooray!"  Peace my brother, lets us walk this way and teach the others the sacred ways!

Fire Offers Purification

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Song of the Heart Debra Sings, How the House of Daniel Teaches Brotherhood!

The days are long and night are short and I have most of all my morts (the sound of many who come home to sea with a vision of the hearts that sting, the living bee with an impossible dream, flies and flies to find the leaves, our relatives in the dark space of heaven's glow, where we die and are reborn and 'Taught by God' ), and I have one thing I need to do, is go along and swim with you.  Where does the mountains go and where does the flowing know?  And I have one thing for your song, a piece of love that gets along.

Take me by the hand today, and I will show you a better way and we will climb above the seas, and we will find a liberty!  My heart knows you.  My heart has a view and my door is opened for all to view.  And when I see the way to God, then I hope you will find my heart.

Keep smiling the sun does shine.  Keep longing for the sublime.  And I will find you in a day, to bring you home so you can play.  Go out and find a friend.  Go out for a swim and when you reach upon the shore, there I will be waiting more.

You are here to hold my hand.  You are here to understand and when we walk inside the ark (ark of the covenant, where the dream arises from within), then we will hold the mighty land.  The land of promise, the land of views, the land of G_ah_d (voice of heaven transmits), who always knew.  And I will be there to hold your hand, because I really understand.

Take the Angels home with me.  Take the views upon the seas.  And I will swim inside your heart because you are the perfect part.  The star of Angels they do shine.  The star of wisdom and sublime, and we can be the place we need, when we bring brotherhood back to me!

Go and swim and go and be.  Go and see the way of leaves (relatives view the breeze in the house of winds) and we will come home yesterday to find tomorrow and learn to play.  Learn to play.

I say to you, come hold my hand, I say to you let us understand.  And heaven will bring us home again, when we believe in all the leaves (relatives on the tree of life, Oneness).  All the leaves upon the stream (river of life, flowing and knowing), there is madness come home to me.  And tree of life I do believe, for we are part of this sacred tree!

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings the Heart Song of Debra, the House of Daniel who Teaches Brotherhood! Debra the Song she sings brings me back to sea, the heart of longing within the seas, and my heart whispers to you and me where butterflies are where the Song believes.

Warriors of the Earth  

Kindred Spirit the Heart of Blue, Speaks of Loving Mommy True, Great Spirit Mother Who Leads Us All Into the Promise Land!

Mommy (Great Spirit Mother) dearest come hold my heart, come be inside me and forever let us not part, Mommy dearest come hold my hand, and we shall travel throughout the land, come be with me Mother, th e Great Spirit leads, help her be loyal to all the leaves.  and when our Mother comes to hold our hearts we shall be unified and never part. 

There inside of magic fills the air, there inside the will of all my tears and Mommy dearest come hold my hand, and you will comfort me throughout the land.  Where do you go now, if not to bleed.  Where do you go now, forever in the leaves.  Come and take me, my heart to stand, and I will comfort you in the promise land.

Mommy dearest come be with me, my Great Spirit Mother who loves my company.  Hold me closer inside of you, the place of magic where there is a view.  Please be with me when we walk this way.  Please offer me the comforting way.  Mommy dearest come hold my hand, come be with me in the promise land

There is one thing I don't want you to be underhand, for there is wisdom in the promise land. Don't think those tears that shed the way, will be for nothing but here to stay and I will comfort you and I will sing, for all my relatives who come to spring.  Oh Mommy dearest come hold my hand, and she will be like the comfort of the land.

Where do you go now, when I am sore, where do you go now, when I adore.  And you gifted me a Mother (Wonder of the World, Constant Looking Glass) who holds my hand and I am lucky to be in the land.  Hold me closer to your perfect view, hold me towards you so I can view. And inside of your darkness let me hold your hand, for Mommy dearest we are going to the PROMISE LAND (tears overflowing).

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman,
your Twin Deer Mother who longs to be in the promise land!
Heart Song for Blue Child, Kindred Spirit,
the daughter of Constant Looking Glass, Indigo Warrior

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Lisa Who Travels Down the Red Road, the Law of Love

Down the road I travel, down the road I go and when I don't know which way to go, I travel some more. my live is full of miracles and each day I wonder why I sea the heart of all the people and the heart of all the seas (trail of tears from the heart that overflows) and I wish upon a star to believe.

My love is open to receive the stars and I can see miracles when you are there, but there are so many wondering which way to go and I am here to teach you when it is about to snow (the crystalline stone river) and we can climb mountains when you learn to glow. 

There is so much heart break that I don't know which door to go, but I will be waiting for all the truth to come, for I am the Hopi who have the stories to tell.  And when the song is ended, I will be here to hold your  hand, and I will be here to understand. 

The days of yesterday bring so many tears and these days I wonder which way to go, but I know the song of happiness comes when we take a stand and trust the Great Spirits who rule the land.

I look forward to prophecy and I look forward to you, the sun in the morning with a view (open doors) and we can find a heart ache, but we can mend it too.  and my love will be waiting for all the days when you come home to you.

This is the wish I look for, this is the day I sea, the heart of all the people when they come home to me.  And when they find their happiness, they will find me too.  And my  heart is always broken, when you don't understand, but I will wait for you, in the promise land!

sung by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother, elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter.  Heart song for Lisa Tale of the Seventh Day, Rainbow Person and Cosmic Mother!

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wake Up to Paradise, the Hand of God in Thee as Jean's Heart Sings, "We are the Promise Land!"

Whisper to me and I will listen, for all the songs of eternity, I will come to hold your hand and I will tell you the law of the land.  Keep it inside of you and you won't understand, just open up your heartbeat and know which way you stand.  And I tell you come to me and whisper "Sweet Jesus hold my hand!" (Jesus is a Christal person, the crystal door like all Christal persons are, and Jean is the doorkeeper to the crystal door into heaven, both to and fro, as the door swings both ways), for we are here together, to be the love of and upon this land.

There is mighty oceans, there is mighty seas, and crossing all together is how we are family.  And I come to you and whisper, I come to hold your hand, and when we are the mighty, the love which makes a stand. What do you do, when you are so blue?  What makes you turn and walk away?  I tell you truly, love don't leave you, it walks towards your heart and makes a stand. 

We are mighty oceans, we cross with our breeze.  We are here to bring the heart of song and liberty. Why don't you come and hold my hand? Why don't you come to be, the heart of all the bringing, the heart of all disease.  Now when a soul needs you, just open your arms to thee, and you will be the heart that sings, glory glory be.  And we are here to hold them, the devoted family, when we choose love and comfort to those who are in need!

The mighty oceans flows to you, the mighty ocean seas (vision of the heart) and we are here to plant seeds again, to be the pure of thee.   And heaven and earth besides you, will bring us good company, for we are planting goodness, when we come home to thee.  We are planting goodness when we have open arms.  We are planting tears of love, when you don't walk away.  I tell you truly love does grow, when those who throw the shield (away and do not defend self, but instead validates the heart of another), for defense is not of loving, but one who needs company.

Let us be the oceans, of loving arms that sea, and let us be the willed ones, who come when others sneeze (illness and disease).  And when the brothers need you, go to them and hold their hands, and don't forget to gift to them the loving arms of God.  And when you're finished with their hate they throw at thee, then you will know comfort because you tried to bleed (the red road, the law of love, those who suffered for relatives, each of us in the blue, of me and you, the heart that knows and grows.)  Now I say, the Brothers who need us, who are willing to come home to thee, then our hearts learn from loving, the hand of God in thee.

Wake up, to the song of Paradise!  Wake up to the Soul who needs, for sisters they have wisdom and we need all the leaves (relatives on the Tree of life of Oneness we call God).  And Mothers they know goodness, when your heart speaks of love.  And when you walk away from hate then you don't know the law of love.  Be the dove and comfort, be the heart who needs.  Billow sails to sail away into hearts that do bleed (law of love).  And when you know your Brothers, then you can really see, the heart of loving rainbows, the heart of you and me!

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother for Jean our Cosmic Parent who's heart dances to thee! Drumming the Heart Beat Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, the house of the beloved!
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White Buffalo Calf Woman says, "What a teacher lives inside of thee, the heart of miracles who dance and know the breeze.  I can sea your oceans reach out into the land, where rolling hills do comfort the living hand of Man!"

Warriors of the Earth  
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Aimee Wonder of the World, your Constant Looking Glass Heart Song

The days are here to long for me and why don't others sea the truth, when all I see if glory be and you need me inside of me (Grandmother Space).  And why don't you, come hold my hand?  Why don't you understand?  And I am here to love you so, but you don't really know me know! (the Great Teacher Speaks, the Indigo Warrior)  Why can't you be loving breeze?  Why can't you sea what I see?  I know you are part of me, yet I don't want to hurt you please!

Come with me and hold my hand.  Come with me and behold the land and I will bring you a cup of tea.  When you learn to except of me.  And when you drive the soul away, come to hold the perfect day, my child in you, is here to be, the heart of love that longs to be.  And I know you are here with me, when you travel into destiny.  Come hold my hand, come understand that I am here to hold your hand.  Please welcome me please be with me, for I am here to hold your company.

You don't see me but you see the truth, the looking glass that comes to you.  And I know you don't like to see the truth of you, inside of me.  But I will always comfort you and I will always gift clues and we are needed to be with thee, the everlasting stream of thee!  Come dance, come dance and we shall be, the heart of loving longing breeze and we shall gift the world today, the heart of loving living display.

When will you know?  When will you glow?  When will you be the heart that knows?  And I will be with you today, and forever in the hearts display.  I want you loving loyalty, but you don't seem to understand me, for I will gift you more than breeze, I will gift to you the heart of thee.  For you are needed in my life, for you are needed in the strife and you can be the greatest love when you forgive all those from above.

It seems that you don't want truth, but only you will gift the use of your loving heart that will free us all, when you look inside the looking glass and fall. Fall down on your knees!  Learn how to pray with me.  Come be the willow (willow tree has red bark, color of law, and every seed sprouts a new tree) pure, of falling leaves and seeds galore!   Be the heart of you and me, be the heart of all the sea, be the heart that glows for thee, and we will fall down and keep perfect company.

Hail to you, hail to me hail to God in liberty for we are here to be the One, the ONENESS of the perfect land.  The paradise that gifts us true, the perfect loyal royal blue and we shall be the heart of thee, because you came back to comfort me!  Comfort me, comfort me and you will see how great you are, the one who needs love is you my love, for you will learn to serve from above. (When learning to serve others before self, you become the servant knowing paradise within the heart, and without in the world. This is the realm of paradise, we call Mother Earth!)

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother, House of the Beloved, the Star of David, Elder Christal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter
Heart Song for Aimee Wonder of the World, your Constant Looking Glass, House of David, Indigo Warrior, Prophet and Great Teacher

Warriors of the Earth  

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hawkwind Going Places is Traveling Over Rolling Hills of Numinous Knowing

There is a time where we do long, for heaven's road, where we belong and I can be the shining star when I choose to be this far,  from you and me.  We are the light, that shines above the glaring night and I can see, the way of love, when you walk in my heart pure dove (rolling hills of heaven and earth).

And I will be the heart of you , when you choose love, to see the view, and I can be with you this day, when you just open the doors to see.  But often you don't look my way, and often you just turn away, and why do you just choose this way, when all you have to do is pray.  I know life is not easy for you, and I know that life can be a difficult view, but we are here to plan the days, of loving living God's pure ways.

And we could catch a shining star, when we just open the falling jar, the way of water that flows to you, and back to me, inside this view.  Come one and all is the way to be, the heart of love, is here with me and I could dance all night per chance when you choose love and loving prance.

You are on the other hill and what do you see from there, and I could drive my car to you, so you could see this far, but we don't look over other hills and we just choose to ignore the hill, we blast it away, because it blocks our view, but we don't listen to the mighty views.  Rolling hills are what we need, for love is rolling and so free, why don't you get in my car today, and we both could just drive away.

And we could fly away to dreams, we could choose another door and we could be with eternity, when rolling hills come home to me,  why don't you choose the loving road, the place of palaces and adore for we are part of each other's dream and we need each other to perceive and I know you are waiting for me, for stories that lead us totally free, and we could be the heart of you when you come home to all the views.

Come home, come home and dance with me, come home come home and dance to be free, come home come home and spill your beans, and fill your jar full and overflowing please.  Come in my car and journey with me, come inside my heart and we could be free, and dance like stars from heaven above when we choose love and all that stars.  when we choose love and come home to thee, we are here to be rolling eternity, come one come all and dance with me, for love is here to guide us all. 

sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman and drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star
from the heart of Hawkwind Toltec Rainbow Warrior Going Places in Grandmother Space

Fire Offers Purification


I Bless Myself and I Bless the World