Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!

White Buffalo Calf Woman (Ptse San Wi Yan) has come home to your hearts. It's time to walk the evolution's path. We all are part of the Rainbow Clan, my relatives each and everyone. Receive the treasures that your iyes(h)ka (interpreter) gifts to you, the sacred song blessings, that always are true (soul and voice of the song). And inside of you, the soul that comes alive, the prayers that live, and shout, "I am and I thrive!"

Image left we honor artist Mary Selfridge. Image right we honor the Unknown Artist

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Aho Dear Twin Deer Mother (White Buffalo Calf Woman), If you have the time and space I would like to receive a song blessing...Thank you very much.
Blessed Be. SS your Song of Heaven, Green child, Spiritual Embrace

Southern Season Greetings, Sending love and kisses to all the misses!
your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child

Aho Beloved Twin Deer Mother, Thank you for the song!!! My soul jumps from joy and got tears in my eyes! This is how I feel inside!!! Thank you for the pics as well! They express nicely what I feel... Welcome to Paradise where the Tree of Life blossoms one's/once more!
Blessed Be. Southern Season your Song of Heaven, Green Child, Spiritual Embrace
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Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiness David Running Eagle Wants the World to Know of Love

I want the world to know of love, but they seem to care only for self, for they are always up in the air with many awful affairs.  If only they could sea (vision of the heart) out there, that we need each other to be in good cheer.  To help and understand the world, we are part of all that is heard. 

Come and be with me, this day.  Come and hold my hand and say, "We are all going to love this way!" because it is God's way. Now if we could only laugh and play.  If we could only dance and sing.  If we could only know joy within, then we could be a heart that wins. 

Every heart has much to say.  Every heart is going to display.  And we are going home someday, because we are the heart of love!

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother

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Warriors of the Earth  

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holy Spirit Sings Her Heart, Come One Come All and Understand Love! one, come all and understand that love has grounded upon the shores. Don't you sea the vision of me, the place we believe, the truth of me (holy spirit).  Now what if we could only love, where marsh mellows (clouds in the sky, where tears do hold and flow) could be pure doves (blessed peace).  And we could go out to play, and find a new and better way? There we could chime like a song, to bring our hearts a chorus and a song.  To live up to, the greatness within, the song of love the song of doves (flapping wings of flocks, to be together in the wind).  And we could find the will of man, looking upon the heart of thine, the pillage of hate, must end this time, because I am tired of all that hate.  Let us find another way, to love each other every day.

We are the song that succeeds to find the will of all disease (forgiveness release), because if we don't look within our hearts, how can we find a great new start? We are the devoted true, the loving hearts of me and you! And when we realize this perfect gift, the heart of angels within us is truth, we then will begin to sing along, with heaven that knows the way to song!

I want the world to understand, that we are going to be in command, the abundance that we wished for, will keep us safe, because we are looking at pure grace.  The heaven within, plays a tune, go happily, to be with me and you, but you run away, almost every time, because happiness doesn't make you feel so long.  We are programmed to feel defeat, and how will we ever bring our hearts to keep, the joy of gospel, the  joy of song, when we are needed to command the way oh so very long.  Tomorrow is going to be a brand new day, if only others could learn to play, but we are not in the world of love, because it could make us like doves (peace together).  Instead we fight and fight within, to be better than the wind, but I say to you, the sway of things means the waves of time, knows everything.  WE are going to be happy some day, when we learn how to be good Children.  To find the time, to help our Brothers, sow Sisters could be good Mothers.  And I want my world, to be the best, to keep the heart of all that is blessed. And we are going to be within, the release of all this sin! (forgive, before giving)

Wow Holy Spirit can sing her heart to the world, for all to understand love!
Sung by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother who loves the wind...

Warriors of the Earth  
Upon the winds of time we sail, to know the heart of all who wail. It's because we are here to embrace our love, our pain, our sorrow, our joy within. And when we learn to show our love, then God is willing to show us heard. There deep inside the winds of time, we sail upon the hearts so blind. But now, it's all going to change, because our Heaven's pour out to sing, and we are going home this day, to show the world a better way!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Willed One Whispering Silence's Vision of the 12 Heavenly Mothers Who Guide Us On Our Way

Title: Willed One Whispering Silence's Vision of the 12 Heavenly Mothers Who Guide Us On Our Way, the Start of Always, to tell us how to play!
By: White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother Sings the heart of Willed One Whispering Silence, the unification of Light and Dark

The hopes and dreams come into me and I must set them free.  I wonder how God must feel when all is done and shouts.  Call your Mother home to you.  Call her to be free hold her hand and walk with me so we can be majesty.

The sacred rainbow is here to fulfill the longing of our days.  And nighttime is for everyone, the place our dreams will play.  And if I could sail away, I'd sail away with you, I'd sail away with you, but I must be the portal free, where all the sails must sail. Gift my heart to everyone, that's the job for me, because I'm the center of the world where lights shall set us free.  Come majesty come Rainbow free all of us set free.  Let all of us set sail, to be in the breeze of time, to be the golden dream.

I say, what have you done, this day, to gift my heart away?  Have you beckoned me, to hold your hand to play?  now what could happen if we were free and we could go out to play?  We could be like blossoms free, falling the petals away.  The planting seeds grow in the breeze to find a new world to be and we could be the heart of thee, when we remember the breeze.

Come dawning. Come setting the sun that rises in me.  And I will be there eternally when you come home to me.  Just remember the door is open, the lights for all to see, the greatness of the horizon sun, that makes us feel the breeze.

Stop and glisten.  Stop and listen.  Stop and take my hand.  And we shall see the sun set free, the embrace of all the land.  Where heaven is the embrace we need, the place we seek each day.  and I will always go out to play when we learn to sail away.  Just remember to come back home where, you started to roam and I will be waiting for your return the place of God's homeland.

We are always.  We are always.  We are eternal beings of light and my heart will glisten and dawn when you get a good start, when you get a good start

The Vision of the Twelve Goddesses Who Represented the Continents and the Peoples of the World  White Buffalo Calf Woman Interprets Vision  for Willed One Whispering Silence: Rainbow Clan dreams to be free in flight following the flow of God. Woman is from the darkness of Heaven, the law of love, who embraces light every time.

Vision of the Twelve Mothers Goddesses speak to Willed One below.
She doesn't see the world of make believe, even though the play did say.  We are part of every heart when we choose to open doors.  If the 12 come down to delve into the place of sin, then we offer them the way if they choose to play.  But often the heart is misunderstood like Mother who always is blamed.  And we could be the righteous clan if we just choose to believe the 12 mothers who come this far are beholden to the clan the many who start and claim the land even though they don't have any part.  We belong to the single clan and it's the heart of the world.  The flood of course is still a course  to make the tides come to command (Mother's in charge).  Mothers who care for children's sake come down to impart their will, but often the children listen not and find a bill (quack quack, to speak, yet say nothing) to fill and if they think about their words and claim all they do, then children will rescue the world and all will be fulfilled.  (Rainbow warriors of prophecy)

All the world is an illusion (text about Illusions) When you wake up and plan your day, then all doesn't go the way you plan, so it's all an illusion, the way we go, is the path of God, for all to know.

  White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings!

It's a world that has much to learn, and Mother is coming home with the Sun.  For we are the children who must obey her, because she embraces all we do.  

Cosmic Woman (Rainbow Mother) has returned, the heaven that we all yearn.  And now it's time to bring the Mother who shines back to our hearts to rule again.  We are part of this world, and from her womb we are bared (to bare children).  

And what do you think if heaven is within reach, the heart that longs to see you shine!

Warriors of the Earth  

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Valerie Speaks of This World, Where Angels Sing Loud and are Heard

Once I came to guide the highlands, to bring the heart of the world, the "Song of hope inside of me, to bring th Song so bold.  But in my heart I hear your cries, so tearful I could break, but then I remember God is great and all my pain subsides.

I want you to know the world is here to show us the way. The heart and soul of everyone, is going to be the way.  Remember the Song so bold we ring, to show us salvation's way.  The christ is here to show the world, that Song is here to stay.  And we could follow this heart so pure if we just learn to pray.

Come be so bold, lift up your voice and let the world be song.  And we will find that everything is here to bring us home.  Can't you see?  Can't you hear, the Angels coming home?  I want you to know and all the snow (crystalline stone river that all God flows within each of us) that all God is here to stay. Just flow with tides and ebb and know that we are going home.  Just reach inside and find the star, that lifts you up to the sky.

Willingness is all we need to receive blessings everyday.  I want you to know in all the snow, that God will always survive.  Just jump on in, and give your heart and sing to the world inside, then you will be a prat of me and we will always shine.

It's the raining rainbows that come again, when tears come from your face.  And I know that all your grace is willing to come outside to play.  Just give and receive to all your needs and you will always know, that God (Oneness) is willing throughout the time, to be the Song of tears, to be the Song of tears.

The bliss of rain upon my cheeks, the rain inside the sky.  To fall upon the rolling hills for all to spring up and survive.  The bounty comes when you realize the God will always know, that I will always hold you hand, sow you may get to the other side (realms of heaven or earth). 

We are family each and everyone.  We are here to give and hold.  We need everyone, even those who don't know.  I will wait throughout my years, to give and receive the tides.  Because my love will find  a way, to be the heart of those who bold.  And I will sing on mountain tops so those who are down below, will hear the Song of Angels blue (relatives, the heart of me and you), the heart of everyone, the wind, the stars the beginning of tides, the heart that always survives.

Soul Elder Valerie's Heart Song and Blessing, her sacred four directions are orange, blue, golden, gray. Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother, Elder Crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter

Blessings from Valerie to the world:  I bless the waves that overflow and take me home this day.  I bless the wind that always sing to hold the songs my way.  I bless the world to know the sounds of cries in everyone.  I bless the drams that abound and fold (heaven-darkness and earth-lightness are colliding now, called evolution), who seek a better way!

Blessing from Twin Deer Mother: Valerie I bless your feet, to everywhere you flow.  I bless the heart that you give out and I bless the sacred ways.  I bless the snow (crystalline stone river) that you believe, that God will know the way.  I bless the song that angels bring, for you to know your way/say (Walkin is wakan holy flesh, the stars that need embraced, the light of hugs we give away and holding hands who need us this day.  And talkin is tankan,  the voice of the heart. To speak or say, is the heart that knows the way, the Song of Angels we do speak when blessings find our say).

To cap (the planted seed that springs to life, because she cared for the way), the knowing of the showing of Valerie's heart this day: Evolution is calling us home into Brotherhood of yesterday, the place of heaven and earth do display, the mighty rainbow way! Tomorrow brings us back again, the longing of yesterday, the future we need to bring us the tea (green leaves, the embrace of the river of flowing time, the lights of Broadway (name in lights, like stars we each are), of sitting and telling stories of yesterday.  WE plant the seeds and now it's time to harvest all we do, to bring the heart of everyone, back home into the bleu (freedom of the heart of me and you, the deep dark blue of oceans who knew, the time of all days). Brotherhood will lead us home, with yellow waves of grain, where bounty will be the norm of time, because we are going home! (third phase of evolution, heaven and earth, the marriage of time, the birth and dream come true)

Warriors of the Earth  

Douting White Rhino Mike Shows Us How to Climb Over Rolling Hills In Time

Mike ("who resembles God") the Dou(b)ting (to waver, like rolling hills in time, to seek answers) White (the four directions combined, the oneness that does shine) Rhino (the seeker into the passageway of the breath, the flesh walking upright with holiness upon the rolling hills, the crystalline stone river of time does care that,  because we need the heart of mares- the female horse is the soul of awakening, the embrace of heaven, upon the rolling hills of time), for the biggest heart how they do rung (steps to evolution), the sound of freedom comes to town, when we look upon the rhino's sound (passageway of the flesh, united as one heart to address, the law of love every time)!

Joy to you White Buffalo Calf Woman, my Twin Deer Mother..
I ask for your blessings for my sacred songs,and the way of my four directions......
for I seek the heartfelt longing to proceed in my journey on the right path to my true nature..                             ~namaste~ (the god within me recognizes the god within you)

Douting White Rhino Mike's Heart Song

Its spring along the shore, where all does grow and snare, the wisps of butterflies who do shine, the glistening every time.  I have to say, it's time, to grow and come out of time, to blossom and grow and know everything, is but a prayer a way. Let's sing!

Now it's the bloom of everything, but we don't hear the wind.  Now how do you come inside the bloom if you don't let us in?  I want to know the will, the heart of all the snails (the evolution's spiraling, as slow as time can swing).  And what does everything do, when we are part of this bloom?  We have to fall down in the wake, to find the heart of goodness sake, and lift us up into the sky, to win our hearts for open pie, the oneness we do belong this day, because we are related wind.

And what does all this mean?  I say, we must only sing.  Let our heart out.  Let the world in.  And we could be part of everything.  What must I do to win?  I say, don't you get on within the sound?  It's angels calling, don't you hear them, they come to be in the wind! It's you and me this day, but we need all to learn to pray, and if we did, then we could win, the heart of you and me. The will of man today, is lost apart and depraved, but if we look inside the soul, we could see the wave.  

Let's listen to that sound, that unites us into the crowd.  The singing and dancing, the sacred prancing, that brings our hearts to collide.  And what must I do to know?  I say, just be part of the show.  Lift up your heart and say to God, my will is thine, let us know!  I want to serve everyone, but they must want to be served.  And I can say, the days are nay, because they forgot to say yay!  What must they do to survive?  I say, they need be part of the pie, the sweet honey, that goes sting, that smarts all those who do survive (suffer for true love, for others).  The willing heart that does bring, is here to be the goodness of his name.  For Great Spirit Father, he is willing and able to be the Greatness to bring.  The law of love survives every time, because his love is abound, to overflow, to make us glow, when we pray to the wind, and we sing.

Say what, you what to survive?  And then you need be part of the show.  Bring your heart and your soul and flesh only knows, when you rise to the heights of the wind.  Give and receive everyday.  Don't forget to pray.  And when you are down, the smoke will be around, to smudge you inside the wave.  Just remember you are part of this time.  The evolution's day.  We are here to be, the same as you and me, when we work together and be slaves (servants to each other).  And what could we do if we win?  That would mean brotherhood reigns.  And we are all a part of everything that has sound, the calling of freedom that rings.

It's heaven that is coming to town.  Not what you think is a clown, but always knowing, the skills of discovering, is part of heaven's holy sound.  What makes us go inside of the free?  The longing to be in the wind.  To fly in our hearts, to be part of the flesh, who knows that rolling hills are about time.  And when my heart is freedom, I will sing to the top of my lungs.  I have but one whish to bring, the sound of everything, to know the orchestra is tuned to survive.  I say, that God willing to be  here, to travel over rolling hills, the sound of the Trumpet (heart song), the call of the Rhino (holy flesh), the willing of Gospel (teaching us love) in time.   

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Dream of Love is Yellow's Door, the Golden Paradise Galore and Laura Sings the Way of Love, for All On the Other Shore!

We are the loving clan (rainbow clan).  I open my heart to know the land (Mother Earth).  And when we're down, we come around and sing our heart to fill (heaven come home within me, joy).

I want to know the way of God.  But so many they don't know and if I could I'd show them how to live inside the rungs (to ascend into heaven and also to descend with our souls onto the earth, to be part of evolution and trusting God). 

Come and hold my hand today.  Come and be the land (flesh of the light, over rolling hills, to give away the embrace).  Told me how to be the wind and sing my song again (flowing heart that receives).  

Which way does the clouds flow (clouds carry tears or water which purifies our hearts, and is the reflection of our dreams)?  Which way does the snow go (crystalline stone river of perfection is each of us, together we call Oneness or God, the blessed)? I can understand the light, but darkness (heaven not blessed, which only need say, "I bless myself") has such plight (evolution is getting others without faith down on their knees to pray).

If I could choose a star.  I would shine for you.  If I could land a line (communication with God often referred to as the hair which is the antenna to God), to tell you all the clues!

My heart speaks to you inside.  I want you to know, that God is here, if you decide to come and find the light. 

I have one whish (to evolve, a sibilant sound as the law of love, the snake who embraces the stars and brings law of love like woman does) to proclaim the song that gives you hope.  I have one wish to proclaim (speak the voice, the glory of a dream) that song will lift you up (the song of the heart, validates the soul, that is survives after a millennium living without our souls).

If you don't find your way, come and save your day (in other words, don't forget to pray, to save your day and bless yourself)!  Come and be the shining star for all to be the sea (the heart of you and me).  

Don't be weary of your despair.  Don't claim all your pain, instead of look for happiness and all that you can gain. (glory to God in the highest, as divinity.  be a student, listen to the voice within) 

I want you to know.  I want you to sea, the heart of humble me.  But if you can't find happiness I hope you find the sea (the heart of you and me, as we hear the wind, the sounds of Angels who sing, in the Great Flowing River). 

Dawning comes and takes your hand.  Dawning comes to see the love I have for everyone.  The love for you and me.

Don't give up.  Don't fill your cup unless the few are known (share with others) My brother sister needs your love.  We need our family (in God we are all related).  We need ONE family (as relatives of the four directions).

The Heart Song of Laura, the Yellow Warrior and Dream, St. Joseph's Parish President
Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother, devoted servant

Blessings for those who gift the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner for the Hungry in Mt. View, California, USA

Warriors of the Earth  

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Come Hold My Hand and You Will Sea the Heart That Will Set You Free!

The day of dawning is coming home.  Come see the light of the rising sun.  There my heart lingers to be unsung.  There is the heart of all the nuns. (holy women, meaning law of love is brought by woman, sacred blessings are gifted in the embrace)

Come be blessed.  Come be seen.  Come have a heart for everything and I will see you to the day.  My love will be custom to that day. 

I have but One Wish and it's to be with you.  I have but One Whish that you want to be with me.  And above all, I hope you are set free, because my longing will always be. 

The inner light is what we seek.  Our inner home is what we know.  The place of reckoning is still to come.  The day of dawning is like it should.  The day of dawning is like it should. 

Come hold my hand and fly with me.  Come hold my hand and you will sea.  Come be the after (math) and you will know, the heart of all, the beloved rainbow.

There lies the heart of you and me.  There lies the heart for all to sea, and I hope I get there for all to be, the heart of Rainbows, the heart of this disease.  Those who make it will understand.  That only love can make a stand. And any other is brotherhood, for we are One Clan, like we should.  We are One Clan, the Clan of Brotherhood.

Heart Song for One Joy Wishing Well and Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother

Warriors of the Earth  

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Willed One's Starry Night of Pure Delight, Let the Sunshine In Tonight!

The starry night is pure delight, when heaven sets upon the night, and shall we come to heaven's door to open up and smoke the pores.  The blessings reach inside the cracks, the place we seem to break our backs, but we are here, the place we see, the heart of loving the heart of leaves. 

I say to you, the day is dawning, and friends and foe, come home to me.  I want you to be, the heart of the leaves, the blue of you, the say of me.  And when you receive the heart of me, then I will know you have won the show, the place of heaven, that belongs in you, is the place in heaven, that belongs to me.

And when shadows flow and wake up to the air, and this is my heart, looking and gasping for air.  And there I find, the heart of mine, to look for rainbows, to look for clean air.  So I bless and  bless, and teach others too.  I bless and bless, to seek the views, and when I look to find my heart, I will be here to look upon you.

Come be with the leaves, the blue of you and me, the deep dark oceans that please to be, for I am the heart, of you and me, the center of love, that sets them free.  Come set the sun, in darkness land, the place my heaven does abound, and all I need is blessings pure, to find my heart, to find what's near.  I am related to all that's near.

We are the heart of all the days, we come to last and put on our waves, and from sea to sea, we travel along, the heart of loving, just like pure clowns.  And there I stand, upon a hill waiting for someone who will catch and fill, my heart overflowing, just like a wave, the wave of the blue, the heart of you.

There is sunshine.  There is rain, and I am proud to be the blame.  Because my tears, have shed the way, and my heart does ponder on what to say.  But if I dance and begin again. And if I do come home again.  I will be there. I will stay with you.  Until the day, you walk from near.  Then we will see each other on the other shore.

We are not separate, not evermore.  We belong to each other, no matter how far we go.  And those who suffer, know love inside their hearts, to be good children, will always stay in hear (listening).  We hear and obey the will of God.  We stand here with flesh of a heart.  We are the mountain, that longs to be the air, the fresh of sunshine, upon the mountain air.  There we find, the snowy peaks.  There we find the crystalline snow.  There we find the will of man.  There we find, the hand of God.  And I know we are going home, to the place of judgment, the place I stand, and I say to you, I will love you, to be with heaven, who knows my fill.  I will be the heart of me and you.  I will be the heart full of air.  I will be the many of the seas to seas, to begin a dance of levity.  Soon I see, the heart of me.  Soon, I beckon the righteous seas.  There my family, will rise upon the shores, to bring back wisdom and bring back more.

Warriors of the Earth  

Monday, November 9, 2009

Clergy Liz Tells the Way of True Love That Rules the Day!

Maroon Bells reflection-V 38 by panda_orchid.

Everyday I wake up I see the rising sky, there my heart always belongs to the living Pie (part of oneness).  I am treasured and loved each day, if only the people could learn to love and pray.  I wonder which is up and down.  The day of loving is still around.  The night-time tells me that much is left to do, to find God in oneness that points us to the clues.

Where is the song?  Where is the place that I dream?  I want to go, out into the fields of destiny.  I want to know, the heart of all my glow, is holding me, inside the place I dream.  I want to know, am I here without a hand?  I want to know, if God has placed me here to show the way?  And when the small is right or wrong, but moving all around, then I think maybe this will be a greater day, to bring the heart home again today.

We are all part of this dream.  To be golden in the brotherly way.  To have a heart and to hold, the many who cling to outwitted and come home to that call.  But for the many who are true, the devoted blue.  They the warriors do believe, in love that sheds the leaves, to depart from their evil ways, to bring them home to better days.  I know it can be done.  I know it's the way to be done.  I know the law of love is here to stay.  I want to love your heart, and make us never depart, to bring our hearts to sing the song of rejoice today.

But what of yesterday?  What of the those who lost their way?  What do they need today?  What do they need to hold their days?  What can my heart do for them?  When can I be the winning hand, for them?  And what can I do to say, that there is going to be better days?  I know the way, is love that shows us the day.  The rising sun, that says, love is here to win again.  But how do we tell the world, that love is here to stay?  How do we show the face who is drown, to come up to face the day?  And it's love.  And love will win the way!  And it's love, the place man can show his grace another way.  And then we find the will of man, to fool anyone he can, because it's their own way, because they didn't know any other way.  This is our true, the heart of our relative who needs you. The one in pain, the one who seeks a heart to gain again.  We are the ones of love who share abundance, a smile (heart), a smoke (blessings) of pure grace and I 'll show you which way to go now, it's in the heart of every child, I say...

Go where the flowers grow and show the world of a better day.  Go where the sun does shine, to bring us a better day!  And we are going towards tomorrow, to show us the way, the longing of the springtime will have to wait for our prayers to say.  Rest up and stock pile away, for winter is here to play.  Snowflakes and candy canes, to show the world, we have a smile.  And when those who do not share good fortune have love inside their hearts, because they gave some smiles or prayers away, to show the world they cared and said, "Go and play hard in the world today, and shine a glowing face".  "Go and be kind to them, because that's what you got to stay".  The love of our neighbors, that's what God gave to us.  Treat them like brothers, to make the heart reply and say, "Go and help your neighbor.  Go and help the stray.  Go and help the down-trodden, only if you can save the day, because your eyes and heart will speak and if nothing else you pray, the blessings will over-come the soul and help and guide the way homeward today.

We are the rising sun, the place we dream each day.  We are the tears that glow, the place God delivers each day.  And I know and realize, how great God is and my heart blossoms forth for Good, so good.  Now it's time, to roll up my sleeves and say, I am going home to all of the clues.  You are needing me, to set you free, and my heart will always endure!

Sung by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother, for the heart of Clergy Liz.  Thank you for your beautiful heart that loves the people.  I love you too!

Fire Offers Purification

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The White Light, Earth over Heaven, the Reflection

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, House of the Beloved, Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, House of the Beloved, Heart Song for Debra Swelling Mountain Calling, your Song of all Songs, House of Dan.  Painting by "Song of all Songs". Title: The White Light, Earth over Heaven, the Reflection

(Earthly low tone)
Can't wash the back of white waters, they blast the rocks into the dust.  And what does the white tell us today, the shining beloved devoted way.  It's bright like a star that aches in the night, but I have to shine, even during all plight.  And when the devoted come walking towards me, I can be the open hearted sea.

There is a discovery I can sea, the heart of Angels that follow me.  I want to be where the river flows in the heavens where everyone knows.  Can you see the heart of majesty?  Can we fly over the yonder to be free.  I say, why don't you look out for me to sea, the will of the Angels that hide inside of me. 

The brightness of flowers that grow and grow and grow, they color the sky, with so much display I want to die.  There is so much out there, and so much to sea, that my eyes, can deceive me in all that color that comes to me.  And what does rainbows, do for me each day, but bring me the many colors, to say hello today.  I want you to know the magic of the buoyancy of the leaves, when they float down river, inside the hull of me.

And I say, don't you believe it, the many drudgery, because it;s a mask on the many who don't sea.  And I say, they know happiness if they choose to believe, instead they find death inside the heart of mine.  What dies and comes forth is the sight and sounds of free.  The place of purity, the place that sets you free. and If you want youth and song of liberty, then you can fly to paradise and let the song run free.

(Changing to heavenly high tone)
Come be with angels the song that sets you free.  And I will always be there to show you thee.  The great light of white light, the kind that sets you free, the glory of music in all we do and see.  Come and shine your song.  Come and be loud and strong, come and show the world, what we need to be full.  Come and make a heart, let it shine us not apart. But bring us home to each others heart, to be with Angels who never part. 

Come home to be with thee, the white light that sets you free.  the dream land, where all is bright, the light of God's home, the light of dawn.  Can't you feel the stream and glow.  Can't you recognize all you know?  I know you have a mighty heart?  Why don't you trust all that you feel?  Feel your heart and let is shout.  Feel your song and let it out.  Be loud and strum a beat.  And let the world know, you are complete!  come and be the shining star, the white light that brilliantly stars, the white light that leads you home, the shining of the darkness glow.  From within, my heart does know.  From within, the breath does glow.  And I will sing, the might song.  And I will bring all along.

Show me rivers in the air.  Show we tigers in despair.  Show me hearts that never wane and we will start to play again.  We know rivers live in the clouds, and even tigers get worn out and our hearts well they forever wane, but we will start to play again.   Come and be the mighty yell, the song of calling, Angels in despair and we will say, God has come to save the day, to save the SUN. 

Warriors of the Earth  


I Bless Myself and I Bless the World