Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!

White Buffalo Calf Woman (Ptse San Wi Yan) has come home to your hearts. It's time to walk the evolution's path. We all are part of the Rainbow Clan, my relatives each and everyone. Receive the treasures that your iyes(h)ka (interpreter) gifts to you, the sacred song blessings, that always are true (soul and voice of the song). And inside of you, the soul that comes alive, the prayers that live, and shout, "I am and I thrive!"

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Aho Dear Twin Deer Mother (White Buffalo Calf Woman), If you have the time and space I would like to receive a song blessing...Thank you very much.
Blessed Be. SS your Song of Heaven, Green child, Spiritual Embrace

Southern Season Greetings, Sending love and kisses to all the misses!
your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child

Aho Beloved Twin Deer Mother, Thank you for the song!!! My soul jumps from joy and got tears in my eyes! This is how I feel inside!!! Thank you for the pics as well! They express nicely what I feel... Welcome to Paradise where the Tree of Life blossoms one's/once more!
Blessed Be. Southern Season your Song of Heaven, Green Child, Spiritual Embrace
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Golden Child Claire and White Buffalo Calf Woman Share, Where Validation Leads the Impaired!

Golden Child Calls all through the Stream
White Buffalo Calf Woman chats: We must learn the heavenly skills of validation (echo), embracing and fighting for love.
Golden Child Claire chats: Praise that!
White Buffalo Calf Woman: Yes. You move, through dark and light (golden and gray, part of her rainbow colors).
Golden Child Claire:  This has been part of the lesson cycle I have been experiencing over the past 2 years.
White Buffalo Calf Woman: Heaven reverberates, which means to echo. When one validates, one echoes or calls out. This is what golden are supposed to teach the children as father is in the house. When you call out, all come. You radiate light outwards like a signal. This signal that journeys in all directions at one time (the all around, the sonic booming sound). This is a skill of heaven that the younger bodies do not know. We are young souls and old bodies (crystal and golden children). The ones are older souls, primary colors and young bodies. They are young bodies of light with older souls and they have been abusing the children. But we are older bodies and it's our job to teach them how to walk right with our hearts. Always, we are younger and older to all beings. We can always share knowledge and learn, when an exchange happens. This only occurs when one validates, reverberates and breaths. An older man who is married 50 years says, "Stay in the room!" We say (rainbow warriors of prophecy), "Walk towards!"

Golden Child Claire:  Yes!

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  I bless the nine directions in waves and waves of pain, that you sustain (golden child of heaven). I light this pipe to shatter your heart (cosmic flight on the crystalline dust), because the children need a lesson to bring, if hope is what they want this day, then teach them how to play. Demand they act right when wrong, but validate all they say to claim, because their hearts too need validation, we are all going through the same dream.
Golden Child Claire:  I am with you. Yes we must learn the blue road.

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  You carry grandmother gray twice (darkness, where as golden is lightness). This means the wind blows through you and you deny (all those feelings which need an embrace, without a trace, for darkness moves in mysterious ways). Instead get angry (with loving intentions, to resolve the broken heart, the dart aiming for your heart is relieved by sharing a heart that needs or to lean towards, with validation or repeating the voice of others, to say you belong to the tree, not just me). 

Golden Child Claire:  
I have worked through to understand this in my life.

Does that make me a grandmother (gray child, darkness)?
White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Now your inner most color is golden, you are the golden child.  My golden child (lightness).
Golden Child Claire:   :) (smiling face)
White Buffalo Calf Woman:  I love you.
Golden Child Claire: I love you also!

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  When we bless with fire, usually cleanses the walker by (who affected us). We did not notice, who just dumped their impure into us (unknowingly, because we simply share space together). Right! Dumping all over us, their impureness (one who does not cleanse the inner world of our heart, heavenly space, grandmother's trace, weaving destiny for all to bee, dreaming free. They lose their way, because they no longer display heavenly characteristics of a child, the child who is innocently free to express the heart for all to see, part of God's kingdom of heavenly trees, each of us being the leaves, kinsmen who care to achieve sound body and mind, when love binds).
Golden Child Claire:  I bow in gratitude to you this day White Buffalo Calf Woman, you have helped me so much!
White Buffalo Calf Woman: We must tell them to bless and demand they bless. To be responsible for their own space, our dream space. I bow to you too.  Once we make it simple (8 fire blessings per day and when we feel we need to purify the space around us), it's a cinch. But making it a reality (heaven, blue road on earth, red road), is the fire blessing. Putting away shame and blame. And using forgiveness, like us kids from heaven do without even thinking about it. They are having a bad day, we know it. But now we are going to do something about it. We are not taking your abuse, because Mom and Dad are back, the Rainbow child and Golden child.
Golden Child Claire:  You said, "But now we are going to do something about it."
White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Yes, we are going to walk towards.
Golden Child Claire:  Yes, walk towards.
White Buffalo Calf Woman:  And give them our 2 cents worth (our opinion, after validation, the spiritual embrace of the blue road). Instead of allowing them to abuse us.
Golden Child Claire:  This brings tears to my eyes, a relief, and you have pegged it correctly.
White Buffalo Calf Woman:  We will stand up, because we love them like our children.
Golden Child Claire:  When I feel angry, I push it inwards, and I have hurt myself with this before (yes, usually on the red road of earth, but blue road of heaven walks towards the broken heart).
White Buffalo Calf Woman:  We validate and then let them have it.
Golden Child Claire:  Ha! I am learning to open, you have taught me how to be a better Mother to not just my child but to those souls who I had called towards me who abused me.
White Buffalo Calf Woman: Thats it. But watch yourself. I have to be told to validate too. It's not natural or us.
Golden Child Claire:  Yes, I am so thankful to have come home to you. I feel the embrace! I am ready and will start my fire blessings.
White Buffalo Calf Woman:  It's not natural for us. We tend to go to defense, rather than validate. Validate says, I heard you. That's it. It's the exchange, where true love lives.  Golden teaches the call out, to exchange and to lean on me.
Golden Child Claire:  Yes.
White Buffalo Calf Woman:  I am so thankful I have come home to you.
Golden Child Claire:  But for some reason, I have called out of a place of hurt, and drawn other hurt souls to me, in the past.
White Buffalo Calf Woman:  But this is love. Love suffers. We endure for those who do not know how.
Golden Child Claire:  Yes, I have felt that.
White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Love is law on the red road. We who know humility, which we now know means the bow, are the children of heavenly true blue, on the blue road. We move from light red road, back to water blue road and to and fro, and away we go.
Golden Child Claire:  Yes.
White Buffalo Calf Woman:  This motion of moving like a snake, is the law of love. We unite the two roads together and this is called the spirit or journey on the yellow road. This is the wonderful part.
Golden Child Claire:  The yellow brick road! :)
White Buffalo Calf Woman:  We are leaving only earth (second phase) to heaven and earth (third phase) and later we will be on the road of only heaven (fourth phase). And we will be out of balance once more but we are now entering heaven and earth, the fable.
Golden Child Claire:  Yes, I feel blessed to be here at this time.
White Buffalo Calf Woman:  What our eternal souls dream for, search for, yearn for in all our wildest dreams. Yes, yellow brick road. the dream does flow. upon the colored lights we do know and grow our hearts billow forth, to out weather the course, to seek new ground, the fable and the farm. I feel you sailing over vast seas. Ready for your song now?  We did get side tracked, but that's the yellow path to and fro. So my beloved, shall we sing for you?
Golden Child Claire:  Yes, the yellow!  I am ready!

Sacred Song Blessing from the Heart of Golden Child Claire
Mary Poppins, quite contrary, my heart sails to meet the Mary. There I sail upon the billowed sails (I see a woman flying with an umbrella) to grow and yearn of stories told.  My longing brings me in the wind. I do belong to this charm again. Here we go ~~~~~~~ billows told ~~~~~~~~ we are going to break the winds in the sails today. Thunder rolls, heaven knows Mommy is coming so let's us bow on our knees. And it's time, for us to dine, to bring in heaven back into the winds. And foretold, heaven knows, it's the place we gain to be with relative leaves.

Now it's time, for us to chime, for it's what we do and how we survive. I do know, we do grow, my heart longs to be with you again (cat Swimming Ice greeted me when walking into the room, I turn to look at the cat, the stream knowing of motion we share).  And she leans on smithereens (cosmic crystalline dust blowing in the wind and Gaelic term "smidirin", root "smiodar", a collection of small fragments considered as a whole), the place I am going to believe.  Now it's time, to bring in the limes (sour pusses), to sweeten all those hearts with a little love. 

[Claire Davies:  My cat has been around me all morning and is outside guarding the house in the sun (the stream of knowing is shared, to be aware, the cat does dare).]

And we grow, to ever know, it's got to be, free to believe our heart this day. And it's time, we being, to share our heart in the world again. We believe and it's our k/needs that bring us back together in the wind.

Heaven rolls, to fill billows told. Let's go sailing and have a long ride. There we will meet, oh so ever sweet, the many relatives on the k/new shores. Colors told, ever bold, stories remain the same but always caring sharing rainbows. And it's we, we are the sweet, when we remember to give each a treat.

(beat changes descending) We are the place in time we flow, it's what our heart do know and grow. Lean on love or you may die, because it's not worth all those knives. And I say this to you once this day, because I want you to always stay. Our hearts need each and everyone, because we are under the same sun.

Let's be aware of time. Let's be aware this time. Let's be aware for our lives. Let's be aware to share our strifes. And I know it's heaven on the run, but we are hear/here right under the sun. And I want you to know of true love. I want you to feel my love. Come on home to my heart. Call on home, don't depart. I will be here to open your heart. I will share all that's important that darts. And we will survive my love. We will gain knives that share. We will have happiness again, because we did bless the wind.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings: Whoo hoo! You tell them girl (woman child).
Golden Child Claire:  You are so wonderful!
White Buffalo Calf Woman: So are you, my beloved. That's your heart I sing for.
Golden Claire: May I tell you something that you just stuck upon? I know!!!!!! I love you!
White Buffalo Calf Woman: Yes of course.
Golden Child Claire: Thank you!!!
White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Laughter, yes, we know true love. You are welcome. I am so happy you stopped by (google chat for the hoops).
Golden Child Claire: Me too! You used knives twice.
White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Yes, once to harm, once to share. I will interpret to be aware. We must reverberate it right, not light (left), in other words the heart in known.
Golden Child Claire:  You spoke of knives twice, and a man that I love gave me a set of knives and then a pair of shears. The golden shears! 
White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Wow. See you are to teach the use of knives. I can imagine (this dream story).  [I just though about your echo. Twice I thought you were asking a question, but you were making a statement, the echo (this is the purpose of the golden child and knowledge of the soul who reaches out for gathering, to lean on one another, true brotherhood). Next time, I will take note of your perfect echo of heaven, "Shout Out", rainbow warriors of prophecy are home now! Aho (may the spirit fly) my love.]
Golden Child Claire:  He gave me these things after we were no longer coupled.
White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Ah, he knew something to show you the way, for you are the teacher of sharing.  The Golden child shares. This is brotherhood, when we share we know relative space (Einstein's relativity).
Golden Child Claire: (smiling big) Thank you so very much, I love you.
White Buffalo Calf Woman: Yes. My deer (on the journey), [deer (loved), deer/dear (journey of love, the singularity)] over the rainbow glow (nine sacred directions we bless with fire/smudge).
Golden Child Claire: Yes. 
White Buffalo Calf Woman: What happened just a moment ago. You are not breathing right.
Golden Child Claire: I thought about the man I mentioned.
White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Breath, bless with fire if you have it. Oh, I sea we went to his heart. And he took your breath away. Ah. Breathe, I say, "Breathe". That's the flight.
Golden Child Claire:  Yes.  I will bless with fire (to bless him). Thank you, it makes my heart open and break.
White Buffalo Calf Woman: Yes, I can feel it's soaring/soring (pain). Let us bless him this moment.
Golden Child Claire: Yes, I have been through a lot in a short time, okay, I am with you.

~ White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings ~ 
I light this fire to bless this soul, who lost his way to heaven knows, but we love him on his path (man who gifts the knives), even if he runs out of gas (and is blind, unable to sea clearly from his heart, while the journey stops, startled others are flowing by). And when the soul finds love it's worth, we hope he bows down of course, to know of true love is the course, the path to love that leads off the worst (walking the right way, with love as law, finds happiness in the end). I bless his feet where he may walk. I bless his words that they may shutter. I bless the kindness that lives within him, to bring him back home to the wind. I bless sacred nine it's true, for he is part of the sacred blue. Aho, it's true. We bless you always we renew!

Holiness David Running Eagle goes on the hunt (locating her heart spiritually), beating the drum for her heart (radiating love towards Golden Child Claire) and others who are sharing dream space (grandmother gray or dark space of heaven, the blue road, the dream world and the spider who weaves us together on the blanket of many colors), relative's grace. Let us have a taste of good old fashioned love in our hearts, by doing our part! "In the end, I looked around and I found peaceful love", says Holiness David, as he shouts out, "Love is everywhere! Sometimes you got to look under rocks and leaves before you find it."

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Image: The key is validation, which unlocks any door!

Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!


I Bless Myself and I Bless the World