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White Buffalo Calf Woman (Ptse San Wi Yan) has come home to your hearts. It's time to walk the evolution's path. We all are part of the Rainbow Clan, my relatives each and everyone. Receive the treasures that your iyes(h)ka (interpreter) gifts to you, the sacred song blessings, that always are true (soul and voice of the song). And inside of you, the soul that comes alive, the prayers that live, and shout, "I am and I thrive!"

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Aho Dear Twin Deer Mother (White Buffalo Calf Woman), If you have the time and space I would like to receive a song blessing...Thank you very much.
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Aho Beloved Twin Deer Mother, Thank you for the song!!! My soul jumps from joy and got tears in my eyes! This is how I feel inside!!! Thank you for the pics as well! They express nicely what I feel... Welcome to Paradise where the Tree of Life blossoms one's/once more!
Blessed Be. Southern Season your Song of Heaven, Green Child, Spiritual Embrace
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brotherhood Make Me Stand, Rainbow Warriors, "I Am a Man"

Title: The word Man means light of the rainbow colors and the dreams we carry on our journey over rolling hills or waves of light.  This is representative of our physical world and flesh, along the red road, the law of love and the physical embrace of brotherhood and all it entails.  It is pervasive in all our life, yet is overextended with intelligence and not balanced with the darkness of heaven within or our hearts. The death of our hearts means we don't feel anything anymore and we become numb to the experiences of a full life rich in rewards and treasures.  Others simply deny the feelings, hide and run away.  This lacking and discomfort propels us forward to seek out and explore new frontiers. This is the journey of returning to the soul of heaven, the heart of man which lies within the darkness to be lit from within.  As we seek our visions and dreams to awaken to the fulfillment of true brotherhood and loving clan members we long for better days and sanctuary from hate, prejudice and impure of the world at large. The Lakota word Mitakuye Oyasin means "All my Relatives", because we are related in space, grandmothers embrace of the darkness of heaven. Just like the earth is contained in heavenly darkness, man too is embraced by this spiritual darkness. Now in time, we realize, that sacred blessings allow us to return from the impure darkness of evil to the pureness of the heart, to be able to call all our Relatives on the circle of life. Brotherhood, make us Man, we do Stand, together as "trees of life" in a forest.
(singing) Here we slide down the miracle glide (rainbow slide to divide, rainbow children who do not hide). Here we slide down to know God's life. Here we slide down the rainbow cloud. Here we slide, to bring it all out loud. Share our lives, with each other's heart. Share our lives, with each other's part. There we go, down the river that blows (wind of heaven). And my heart is always filled to overflow. Gray (grandmother space, where dreams come alive) come to me, where dreams can sail free. Feel the day of night, come over me (a light from within).

Now I stand up (on) a hill. And I'm a man, who brings my hands (embrace of brotherhood). I will arrive ♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ upon this shore (knocking at your door). I will arrive ♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ to be hard to fill (physical world is falling apart). But my soul, will know the way for sure (heaven knows the way when I listen to my heart). But my soul, will be tired and dirty clutter fields (impure). And I must release (forgive through purification blessings, both fire and water), for the golden grain (brotherhood that gains, love remains). I must sow, for green grass to reign (green is the house of the river's flow representing four directions, it's embrace and banks to the river's flow let us know, we are spiritually embraced together as Oneness).

The days I long to bring my sun on home (inner golden light upon my heart). And my soul does ring (true and free), for another day. My soul does find a leap of faith, I pray/I praise. And my song does fill, the ready and the pure (those children who are willing to receive my ever flowing love). And I know it's where the will of God is near (to serve others, to know true brotherhood). I feel the soul to climb (ascend), to bind with all my heart (to heaven). I feel my soul to bee (impossible dreams are known, an insect we know as the bee is aerodynamically unable to fly yet flies anyway, we see it with our own eyes), free to believe (I am and I thrive, the yellow road and I).

Come on home, strangers in your own homeland (brothers and sisters, children of the rainbow clan). Because you don't roam, to distant shores and lands (separated rather than united and not knocking at my door). You need but call ♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ out to your Brothers side, because if we hide, we never realize.

I come on home, to be a better man. I feel my throne*, where my heart does stand (golden cosmic father in the house, "I demand, brotherhood embraces man", children return home to each other's heart). I realize, heaven is what we need, to bring us home, to where the heart does bleed (suffering for others we love). Red road (law of love) my heart and soul, that's where my Brother knows. I come when you call my name (child of heaven is true blue stars that shine, relatives sublime). I come to help you gain (to share and give-a-way, to help you receive honor, abundance is golden grain, seeds of love sown). Come on home, to where the sun does shine. Come on home, and bring your prayers to mind. Lift your heart and bring us to weeping tears (tears of joy and delight, instead of plight, where true treasures live in the heart). Because it's the night, that sweeps all in delight.

* Ahau  is a mayan word meaning the crown of brotherhood, the flower (blossoming soul or awakening) and the lord. The Sun/Son of the Corn (seeds of dreams planted in heaven, which actually give rise in the hypothalamus as pearls or white hard crystalline seeds, which survive even after fire in those who reach enlightenment or practice spiritual cleansing in their daily lives. Corn is a grass, which represents the oneness of the flowing river of heaven, the crystal stone river, blessed and renewed to offer valleys where fields of dreams can come true.) God establishing land, water and air, and paradise in the east where the sun rises.  This represents the return of the Dawning and the beginning of time (awakening), of heavenly darkness that shines like stars in the night and our dreams as well as the earthly light of the Sun (kingships or kinships, true blue relatives) that reigns over Man and offers us paradise. Here the Corn God receives his coronation as the crown of brotherhood, the golden child of the great inner light, that can destroy and give death to the impure and resurrect to be pure once again.  This is a soul often referred to born again and the story of the fire phoenix who rises from that ashes. The crown of brotherhood is worn when you know true love for all relatives of the rainbow clan all things belong to.  In the oneness it represents the circle of the returning or the "Dawning of time", such as when we move from the second phase of evolution to the third rolling hill in time or when Man awakens. Golden persons represent this cycle, but do not actually wear the crown and belong to others in the clan, like crystal people or other colors who wear the crown, but inside the house of God, this is the golden child who shines a heart who can purify the world and it's light of rainbow colors from within darkness of heaven, the dream space or Grandmother's embrace (gray).  The Golden One is fearless to venture from shore to shore and heart to heart. In evolution it represents time when civilization from other worlds come to rejoin us as one family from the heavens who return home once again. This is not a physical attribute, although they do come from other worlds, but a spiritual attribute that conquers fear, trusting and having faith in having knowledge needed to continue the journey home, rejoining the rainbow clan, towards the place we stand upon a hill (land of golden fields). We enter a time of awakening of cosmic relationships.  We are the star beings, now we are just realizing this to be true. We awaken to this new view.

  Roar of the Buffalo Horn: (talking wind, cosmic father, the golden person talking here, listen up) Heaven's home, that's my throne. And my soul awakens to the call upon my home (Mother Earth, I return home from the cosmic sky). When others charge, I feel the sword (severing of ignorance), but my hand goes to the horn (music helps me call), to tell my brother, use gold (brotherhood is known, true love is sown). And if we all did take the steps towards brotherhood, then we could believe in man instead of this disease (renegade in need). But in the meantime, I call out your name (soul's pain learning to gain). I tell you sweetly, there is lots to gain. And if you can, just open up your heart. Feel the world and what a miracle it is in being your part (of the rainbow clan and for all this stands, you're perfect heart of man). You're GREATNESS, my Brother in my clan. You are the epitome of human man (image of god's likeness, I am). And we shall ride, this fire's light (rainbow colors). We shall be bright, from within, all sight (for all to see/sea, shine in the light and in the dark, where heaven is part of this clan). And those who flow, don't know which way to go (upon a shore, knocking at the doors). I will rise up, to shine, for all to know. Brotherhood, come share the heart with this hood (clan, tribe, village, city, land occupation, covering, roofs, the collective). Rainbow soldiers, come align where heaven's home is inside (The loyal true blue of heaven's realm alive upon the red road of earth and her light or rainbow colors of cosmic woman, the rainbow hair that glitters and shines and even blinds, heaven reigns/rains every time. She/Soul fills us up with Mother's love from heaven. We have a heart. And the vehicle to brotherhood is joy to start.)!

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star Drums. For the  heart of Roar of the Buffalo Horn Blows (horns and arrangement).  Visit us all at IamaSunDance.Org  to hear our Music Collaborations for Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy.
Ahau glyph (Flower) The Divine Proportion, also called the Golden Ratio, because to know of brotherhood, one must walk with love upon the red road where gardens do grow, heaven knows and evolution explores the shore, heart to heart to serve related/relatives/kinships/kingships (ascending/descending).

Image: Mayan majix
The Maya were brilliant mathematicians. Their linguistic code was cracked only in fairly recent years, revealing a society based on kingship and a manifold system for measuring time. In tandem with a 365-day calendar, the Mayan tzolkin of 260 days “guided the daily rituals and cultural achievement of the people” and according to at least one source is “still in use today in some parts of Mexico and Guatemala.”

One of the 20 days cycling through the tzolkin was known as Ahau or Flower. One commentator explains, “The meanings of the day-sign Ahau are many: Lord, Sun, Flower, Marksman or Blowgunner” —as in English “flower” communicates not just “blossom,” but fertility, femininity, fulfillment, success….
Ahua: both “flower” and “Lord” Ahau receives a floral bouquet and wears a floral hat, with hummingbird accent
(detail from a Mayan vase) Photo: Justin Kerr

We don’t pretend to understand the cultural complexity of the ancient Maya, though we see evidence in many sources of contemporary fascination with Mayan belief, as well as Mayan mathematics, and of course the art.
One such enthusiast writes, “Mayan time conception is more sophisticated than the one presently in vogue among the ‘western’ cultures. It involves an approach or attitude of mutual involvement, overlapping inclusion, and adaptable pro-active problem solving, rather than ‘taking a stand,’ ‘sticking to our guns,’ or ‘peace through strength.’ The Maya enjoy a world-view free from the entrapments of dualistic thinking.” Thank you

The Fibonacci Numbers: Connections within the Mathematics and Calendrical Systemsof Ancient Mesoamerica by Valerie Vaughan (excerpt)
If we examine Maya inscriptions, we find other evidence that implies an understanding of the Fibonacci numbers. The ancient Mesoamericans viewed the cosmos as a layered universe. The heavens were conceived of as thirteen in number (brotherhood), with the earth included as the first layer. There was also a nine-layered underworld (nine sacred directions), beginning with the earth again as the first layer. This is depicted on page 2 of the Codex Vaticanus A.65 This is one of the examples of the use of the Fibonacci numbers 8, 13 and 21. There are 21 "worlds," when the earth is "counted" twice as the first world. (We note that the number one appears twice at the beginning of the Fibonacci series). There is evidence that the Maya also expressed the day as having 13 hours of daylight (the Thirteen Birds of the Day) and 9 hours of darkness (The Nine Lords of the Night).[66] (Again, 13 is the fearless, who bring brotherhood by day, free to display dreams and nine sacred directions the river can flow for all to know, heaven's light, rainbow sight/vision, says White Buffalo Calf Woman.)

Flowers are one of the most consistent expressions of the Fibonacci sequence in nature, and they also form some of the most important symbols in Mesoamerican writing, mythology, and calendrics. The sunflower held a particularly important place in ancient Mexican mythology. When the Spaniards arrived in the New World, they found the sunflower serving in the temples as a sign and a decoration, and the sun-god's officiating handmaidens wearing upon their breasts representations of the sacred flower in beaten gold.[67]
As described earlier, the special name-day which began the sacred calendar was 1-Ahau, also called One-Flower (unity and return of brotherhood, stars of heaven return), while the day that began and ended the great cycle was Four-Flower (house or holy temple, rainbow warriors of prophecy call tools of light). The word Ahau means Lord and refers to the Sun, while the glyph used to represent it was a flower.

Image: "This is probably the self-portrait of the painter of this masterpiece vase. His occupation is indicated by the paintbrush in his hat. His signature is on the vase in the far right corner", says Justin Kerr. White Buffalo Calf Woman interprets, "I was looking at this image, then I just realized, the paintbrush of feathers meant and looks like, the flowering of a king.  If you look, the brush is coming out of his (man, light, physical world) third eye, the vision of the darkness (woman, heaven, spiritual world), our dreams of awakening (united blue and red road, where yellow leads to flight of the soul, freedom and all it s knows). The pineal gland is located just under the third eye area, which helps us measure light and darkness in order for our bodies to harmonize with our environment of heaven. Here, the King (ahau) is able to paint his dreams in his visions and to bring this to the peoples, united in brotherhood." 

That the Mesoamericans would link flowers with astronomical cycles should not seem so surprising to us, since using flowers to mark time has had a long, though obscure, history in Europe. One 18th-century astronomer, Jean-Jacques De Mairan, noted that the opening and closing of certain "sensitive plants" followed a specific daily rhythm, and he linked this to the sun's influence. A similar observation had been made by a general in the travelling army of Alexander the Great. The great Swedish naturalist Carolus Linnaeus planted a timekeeping garden which he called "Flora's Clocks." The flower beds were laid out to form a clock face, with each bed representing a different hour of the day and planted with flowers that were known to open or close at certain times.

It is not only the circadian rhythm that is evident in plants, but also longer cycles. For example, there is a species of bamboo in Argentina which has a very precise life pattern -- exactly 30 years from seed to seed. And botanists have discovered that it is not only daylight which regulates the rhythms of plants; a number of experiments have shown that the length of night is just as important as the length of day. The chrysanthemum, for example, requires an uninterrupted period of about 13 hours of darkness (an autumn night) before it will flower. Ragweed cannot begin its flowering process until the summer nights have lengthened to about nine and a half hours.

Finally, and most relevant for our discussion here, there is the 260-day calendar, which we have shown to be based on Fibonacci numbers. There have been many theories that attempt to explain the origins of the 260-day cycle, and most of them show the connection with natural cycles. For example, the cycle of seed-to-harvest for certain types of corn grown in Guatemala is about 260 days. In the Dresden Codex, there are 258 days between Venus rising as an evening star and its emergence as a morning star, a period which correlates with the Aztec myth of Quetzacoatl's journey to the underworld. Perhaps the most significant correspondence is the period of human gestation. Nine lunar months are approximately equal to 260 days. One Mayan scholar discovered that some modern Mayan people explicitly state the human gestation period as the explanation for the origin of the tzolkin.68  Thank you

Flower Glyph from the Sun Stone

Image: Flower from the Sun Stone (Xochitl)
Flower is the culminating event of all that has passed since the Earth Monster initiated the cycle in the first glyph to the cycle's blossoming with Flower. In this way, Flower represents the force that brings all things to flower.

"The goddess of this day is Xochiquetzal, 'Precious Flower,' the goddess of love. She lives in a paradise where everyting grows and every kind of bird flies in its skies. She protects people in love, and the moon during the first thirteen days of its cycle when it is visible during the day."

DIVINATORY MEANINGS FOR SUN: Cosmic Consciousness: Synthesis, fire, mastery, realization of solar body solar mind, encompass and generate the entire cycle. Acupuncture meridian is the right thumb for the right lung.

note: The Moon glyph is geographically equal and opposite the Sun glyph on the TimeStar, which means light and darkness are shared and united as the yellow road, the Sun of the Golden path.

Image: Sun glyph from the Dresden (Codex for the Mayan calendar). Geographical coordinates for the Sun glyph are 4°50 West longitude and 60° North latitude, with the apex north of the Orkney Islands on the TimeStar. Sites that align with the Sun glyph's center are noted over a crop circle made at East Kennett (England) in June, 2001.

The Solar Lord on the last pyramid corresponds with the end of the Mayan long count that began in 3113BC, and a time when earthquakes were prophesied to cleanse the earth. Earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, and magnetic storms have accelerated in geometric progression for decades to reach a continually rising high that will climax between 1996 and 2006. Considering the magnitude of the changes, things have gone smoothly overall. Alerted to the changes in process, we can prepare and cope with them. Between 2006 and 2012, the cycle will be winding down in preparation for the new 2013 cycle. With this cycle complete, the forces of nature will carry on planetary timing in a new upstepped frequency and expression.

Solar Lord made his appearance in 1753, just after the 9 magnitude earthquake near the Washington coast that caused a Tsunami in Japan in 1700. Discover magazine (January, 1996) carried an article on the Indo-Australian plate and the Tsunami of 1700 on the same page just as I started to write these glyphs in 1996. The Moon glyph is geographically equal and opposite the Sun glyph on the TimeStar.

Flower on the Sun Stone corresponds with Solar Lord (Ahau for lord) in the Dresden Codex. Taken from Chichen Itza in the Yucatan (southern Mexico), the principles expressed with Sun Stone glyphs emphasizing ritual in central Mexico were applied to Venus at Chichen Itza in southern Mexico.

The 20 glyphs in the Sun Stone are arrayed in a circle around the head representing the sun in the center of the megalith.

The Sun Stone memorializes the Five Suns, or five eras of the world, at the time Mexico's first pyramids were built at Teotihuacan circa 300BC. Literally meaning "The City of The Gods", Teotihuacan was renowned as the city where they did not die but awakened from a dream.

Although the 12-ton megalithic Sun Stone is sometimes erroneously called the Aztec calendar, the Aztecs went into the pyramid business during the 13th Century, a relatively recent period compared to construction at Teotihuacan that started 1,600 years earlier. The Aztecs, who built their capitol city 35 miles south of Teotihuacan on the dry lake bed where Mexico City is now located, were never associated with Teotihuacan but assimilated the knowledge of the more ancient pyramids from the Toltecs.

The Toltecs, who entered the Mexico Valley at the precise moment in history that the original builders of Teotihuacan left the valley, settled around the Teotihuacan pyramid center circa 700AD. After the brief but bloody Aztec conquest of the Mexico Valley in 1224AD, the Aztecs declared themselves the heirs of the Toltec tradition. The Aztecs subsequently assimilated the Toltec's peaceful deity, the Feathered Serpent (Quetzalcoatl), as a secondary figure under the Aztec's own God of War. Toltec craftsmen familiar with the Teotihuacano tradition carved the Sun Stone that the Aztecs assimilated as their own, as they had adopted the Feathered Serpent under the Aztec God of War. Ultimately, the pyramids at Teotihuacan influenced the ancient civilization of the Americas from Central America to Canada and served as the model for the 20-glyph calendar of the Mayan empire that reached its classical period circa 435AD.

Like the Great Pyramid, the builders of Teotihuacan left only their mathematics and astronomy as signatures; and, like the builders of the Great Pyramid, those who built Teotihuacan remain unidentified. Among the mathematical achievements of ancient Mexico is the invention of zero around 300BC at the time construction of the first pyramid, the Pyramid of the Sun, was started at Teotihuacan. The mathematical theory of zero filtered into Europe more than 1,000 years later, but the astronomical theories of Native America used with its calendar have never been recognized in European-derived astronomy. Thus interpretations of the ancient calendar using European astronomy remain flawed, and Native America's first calendar has never been fully deciphered.

Renowned as the Feathered Serpent's initiation center ("Serpents represent the law of love as well as the to and fro of tides of the moon between blue and red road, united river, to fly in dreams on the yellow road", says White Buffalo Calf Woman), the pre-Aztec codices associated with Teotihuacan were uniquely concerned with ritual, while the Mayan codices were mainly comprised of tables for almanacs. Although the numbers and design of the calendar used throughout ancient Mexico first appeared at Teotihuacan, the calendar was utilized differently in various centers throughout Mexico and Central America. Thus the perspectives of the Teotihuacano's ritual and the Maya's almanacs were very different. The ritual tradition that originated in the Feathered Serpent's initiation center at Teotihuacan spread into North America and survives as the Native American Church of North America. Don Juan Matus is a descendent of the ancient Toltec who were the first heirs of Teotihuacan.

The Sixth Sun, or sixth era of the world, dawned July 11, 1991 with the historic solar eclipse of that date.
(Sun Stone glyphs excerpted from The Aztec Cosmos traced and collected by Tomas J. Filsinger) Thank you relatives, could not find the url again, once moved from the page.  Somehow linked to pages above. Sorry I could not give credit. Again thank you relatives!

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!


I Bless Myself and I Bless the World