Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!

White Buffalo Calf Woman (Ptse San Wi Yan) has come home to your hearts. It's time to walk the evolution's path. We all are part of the Rainbow Clan, my relatives each and everyone. Receive the treasures that your iyes(h)ka (interpreter) gifts to you, the sacred song blessings, that always are true (soul and voice of the song). And inside of you, the soul that comes alive, the prayers that live, and shout, "I am and I thrive!"

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Aho Dear Twin Deer Mother (White Buffalo Calf Woman), If you have the time and space I would like to receive a song blessing...Thank you very much.
Blessed Be. SS your Song of Heaven, Green child, Spiritual Embrace

Southern Season Greetings, Sending love and kisses to all the misses!
your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child

Aho Beloved Twin Deer Mother, Thank you for the song!!! My soul jumps from joy and got tears in my eyes! This is how I feel inside!!! Thank you for the pics as well! They express nicely what I feel... Welcome to Paradise where the Tree of Life blossoms one's/once more!
Blessed Be. Southern Season your Song of Heaven, Green Child, Spiritual Embrace
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Veronika Who Swells Within The Seas Finds Liberty in You and Me!

Down the road is liberty, the place I seek to set me free, and I know there is longing to be, the numbered days to go to thee.  I seek my heart out to believe that there will be so much to sea, and I know I will be with you, when all is gone and we the few will be.

I know the days are coming strong I feel the song and all that's gone wrong, but I can billow in the wind, for I will always let company in.  the song of hope that comes real soon, I have to be with God in me, and I know there is liberty, when prayer and song is gifted from me.

When will the dawning come home to me?  I want the world all that we need, and we are here to sing a song, the heart of you I long.  Did you know that we can fill the sky, with hope and garnets that are brilliant nai (dolphin who swims the seas to greet and bring you home)
, and we can always be with thee, when we fill up on dignity.

My heart longs to fill the sky again, to be with glowing after springs and I hope to be with you in me, when we learn how to fly to sea.  And there we go , to ponder with the wind, to be the heart of everything, and I will find the love I seek, because my Relatives will find and keep.

We are the suns of God who have come to be the wonders of the rainbow, and I know that we will be with thee, when we decide the song to  be free.  Come hold my hand, come walk with me, then we will be inside of thee, and I will always be with you, when you just call out into the blue.

We are the family, God set upon the Earth, the palace of hope and gospel of this girth, the oneness that stands upon the land, that's where we were sent to be. And My heart will always gravitate, to be
the heart of all the Earth, and I will long in the wind, to feel your SUN again.

sung by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother for Veronika Lopez Who Swells With Love

Fire Offers Purification

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cup of God Falls Over and Pours Out In My Heart I long To Be

Days come home and be with me, in my heart I long to be.  Waking up to all the sin, has made me turn around again.  What am I if not a song, that runs and plays all the days long.  And I can be a heart of me when you come home to rescue me.  Then I will know which way to go, to save your soul and bold we go.  There is only one wish to my command, is that I love you throughout the land.

Where do I go? If I do not know?  What will I be?  If I can't see the breeze?  When shall I be, the heart that you need?  And where will we be, the magic God sends to me?  There is sunshine in each day, and I have moonlight in our play.  And where we go, the hearts do meet, to be the greatness you long to see.

Great Spirits you gift to me and Great Angels you capture me and when I serve you, I will know divinity.  And I will seek you to long with me.  The days come home to me, to greet the night, to be divine pure delight.  And my heart aches to be with you, the sun and stars that are so true. I am coming home to you my loves.  I am going there to find the dove.

For peace shall capture all those upon the land, and we will be the heart and hands.  I will embrace those who need.  And I will try to be the best I can be.  And when soldiers stand before me, I will hug them and show divinity.  For they need me more than God (one by one instead of all, part of the pie, but we are whole, the micro), for they need me to be a God.  For we are each a wondrous God, however it's the ONENESS (G_ah_d the voice of heaven spoken, but all together as One, the whole pie, the macro) that holds our hands.  To be the servants to all eternity.

When we realize this, then we come home to you (Oneness of God).  We serve the brothers and sisters too.  We gift to them the heart of me, and then we sea the heart of me.  For Grace is within me and I give it up, to  fall down and pour it out.  Sow you will know God loves you so, and I will serve thee, for you to know.  I will serve you for all to know.

sung by white buffalo calf woman your twin deer mother,  for the song of Heart for Cup of God.

“O Father if it be possible let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.” 
-St. Matthew 26:39b

Magenta Warrior, "If I am not Grace it is not me!"

Fire Offers Purification

Monday, September 21, 2009

Joy to Be Around the Wishing Well

Take me away, from all these tears, hold me close to your heart so near.  Wait for blessings and you will sea, how great are miracles that you have longed to be. 

I know it's only a way to be, the heart of heaven that longs in me.  And I want to know where do I go from here, so I can bound mountains and be so near. 

Wait for me, don't leave without me.  Hold my heart, and I will be with you.  Don't think my love won't find you in the end, for my heart is longing to be in the wind.

Don't believe the hate that goes around.  Wait and be the love that abounds.  For we are relatives who need each other so.  And I will be waiting with you in the snow. (the perfect crystalline stone river where our souls and rainbow colors travel) 

There is a light that glows inside of me, and I know that I will be waiting for you hear.  And when you arrive, my arms will welcome you home, just in time for evolution's rungs (both direction, heavenly soul descends and we are eternal, earthly flesh and generations eternal, but we travel on the soul's journey forever as we change flesh bodies to meet our destination)

Now we are going to be with all our friends, and they won't be enemies anymore within.  And relatives we will turn into, not just friends anymore, for God has opened all of the doors.

There is wonder in almost everything we do.  But the blue sky yonder of distant shores in bloom, have gardens of paradise, when we walk on in.  We need only blessings to know how to swim.  And we only need blessings to come on in.

My arms are for hugging and I need you more.  Because the embrace will release all your hate. Don't fear my love, but wait for me to return, for I am the present that God sent to you.  And I am the present that God sent to you.

Jen One Joy Heart Song
Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother

Fire Offers Purification

Binding Eternal Holy Flight in the Wind, the Weaving of Light

We keep songs deep inside, because we don't have much to hide. And there we fly to eternity, and our songs lead us along.  Why don't others join my flight, but they seem to not want this plight.  Then just turn and run away, for they have nothing more to say.

And my life.  I wonder why! Who they are to me inside.  I have so much to offer them, but it's all in the wind.  And they don't seem to know how to fly, because they all have alibis.  There is one thing I know for sure, it's the breath that goes to and fro, the place relatives come to greet, to know where the humble street. 

They place they choose not to go, is the place where does God know. It's the home to everyone, and we need to come on home.  My life is here to love everyone, and I need to have a gun (put a hole inside of them to travel to the know, for space is the place to know God in the wind), to shoot them all in the head, so they will bleed and know the truth. 

It's like children everywhere who are angry for all the stares.  But they don't even say hi, for they think I will be nice.  And if love is coming there way, they don't know what to do or say.  What makes them all run away?  What makes me want to be the friend?  But I know I must go on, because the setting sun does rung (ring my bell of freedom to descend down evolution's chain, souls journey).

We are here but only twice, once the body and the soul.  And we seem to go different ways, to learn about love and how to slave (servant to all).  We are here to be within, the heart of you and in the wind.  And I have but one will to know, it's the heart of all who come and go.

The days are long and I don't know why, because I want to let it in.  But somehow, it's seems so long, when my relatives don't come along.  They want nothing to do with me, because I seem to love their view. And we need each other to win, and I want my sun to begin.  (rising sun, the great light of wisdom, when the red and blue roads cross, we do what we say, as an elder to the world).

There is one point I want to make, it's the holler of goodness sake.  I must shout to let them in, to know of glory that's in the wind.  There are days that come real soon, and I will need them to be all true, because only the meek shall win, for it's written in the wind.

Heart song of "Veronika Tears of Holy Flight"
Sung by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother

Fire Offers Purification

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dance With Me and Sing in the Rivers Flow

The heart song of Relative T. Carter, a green person, true spiritual leader of the world!

Which way do I flow? Which way do I go?  I know it's the way of loving today.  But so many don't want to love what they do, they fuss and make it blue (sadness), when all they need to do.  Is bless each and everyone, to be like the sun, the sky that gives us life, is where we bring our strife. And we could hear to be all that's clear to open rivers flowing to open in the wind.  And we could be love, when we follow those above, to remember that heaven is here down below where all the tears do flow (fall like a water fall, the sound that makes us free).

My love is waiting for you, because I know the clues, I wait and watch for you, to be the ever clues.  My heart waits and seas, the longing of me.  And you could be near, when you trust all your fears.  Walk into my heart and bellow the song true, for I will hold hands and make it all come true.  And I will be the plenty when others turn away, because I love you, to be the sacred way. 

Now we come to hold you, to offer you more than love, and sacred river flowing a dance from above,  the sacred rainbow flowing, upon the rolling hills, that's where I come to hold you, to be the dance of still (reflection of the heart).  Come hold my hand, come be the open stance, for we can climb rainbows and be, beloved trees. and I will be singing to you in the wind, and I will be open to dance here again.

Now whisper and dance and sing hallelujah, because the Great Spirits are coming to bellow the Song.  The range of mountains that allow rivers to flow, have come to release the torrents for all down below.  Those who learn about Sacredness and bless all who come in, will be the heart of many who believe in sacred trees.  And I will hold them dearly to my heart when they bleed, for dancing is for miracles when they come home to sea.

Dance with me and we will be one great big happy family.  And when we hear the songs from you, then I will be so happy to feel the blue (relatives).  They my heart, will linger in the wind, for we have come home to dust off our feet again.  But if we don't have miracles to believe in this day, then sacredness shall lead home this very way!

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Magic In the Air

Magic is in the air, and I feel it everywhere, and if I could only catch the light in the air, then I could slide down to where you are.  Now I lift myself to touch the sky, but I don't really know if I could lie,what they teach us to do, down there, if they could only learn to care. 

The pureness of love is the law.  The spiraling tongue of the snake and we are bond to it's law, that love stands upon the ground.  But we don't look at this way, we think that it's all for play, and we can't see what has been, cause we think we are always going to win.

But stronger than us exists out there, and evolution has it's call.  And if you think you don't know the way, then you should call on those who care to play, with love and law and it's return, the Rainbow Warriors who will care.  We will make you choose wrong or right, and then you can count on our care.

We are the ones who come your way, to teach you that love is not a game, it's law that rules all over the land, and Great Mother is here to stand.  She is the love you counted on.  She is the one who never failed.  She always come when you call, even if you think it was not her. 

And when do you think the marriage will end?  I don't think time will ever win.  For law lives inside of you, and you can't and won't divide the fuse.  For we belong to each other everything, and you can't take it home and change.  The only thing that keeps us solid and true, is love and that's the only rule.

Now I say, if you want a new day, you will fight with the one who always displays.  You tell them that law is here to stay, and woman is here to show you the way.  For she is the heart of everyone, and she is here to show you love, but man you need come home to win, to teach all the children how to swim. 

But the sky, will be blind, and if you don't know how to shine, the fire that's inside, then you won't have a way, to survive the dawning day, when all will be blown away, the fire will catch throughout the land, and we shall come home to stand.

Now, it's the way of love again.  And if you think you can win, then we will see you go away, only to save you on another day.  But we will take you here to say, that love is here and always wins.  And when you return home again, then we will all know how to swim.  The blue of the sea to see, and we can have all shores to believe, that we could travel everywhere and have relatives who will surely play.  And when we come home with law again, the play will be without sin, and we shall be like children again. 

And we shall love and believe.  The day of dawn is coming home, and those who claim the ultimate throne, will serve their hearts and never die, for eternal will always be in the sky. And brotherhood will be everywhere,  because sisterhood will care like they should.  And women everywhere, will start to make law where it counts.  To love men more than yourself, to offer and teach him like you should, that a heart means more than your sin, and no matter how far you think you could win. 

Just put your hate away, and learn to forgive again. but speak your heart like you should, and tell them how you could.  But that you will choose a better way, just like they need to collide this day, for they will come home to thank your heart, for caring and giving them a smart (stinging).  And we will be one happy family, we fight then make up like we should, then we are loving each and every day, and we come home and play lovingly. 

My family, you have so much to care, there inside you should care, and if we choose to love again, then we could all come home and win.  But to those who chose another way, then we say, good riddens for the sky. For they will live law when the day, comes to forsake and display.  It's time to come and hide your sin, like you forgive and let it go in the wind.  Not hide your heart because you said, but to go where there is no hate.  And we will hide with you, when darkness is complete, and when you think no one can sea, we will be there who will be strong and true. 

We will lift your hand and say, grab right on it, my hand and it's display. I'll grab you now and then, if you only catch me in the breeze.  But if you don't reach towards me again, then you will have to wait to win, because love is always unity, and when you choose hate, you always catch the blood.  For the Red is love it's said, and you don't know what's the way, for only love will light your lift, and only fire will purify. So if you want to know how to win, count on Rainbow Soldiers who are true, who come when no one is around, to save you especially when you're down.  And I know the day,will come, to teach all of us how to swim, to fly through the air again, to be the greatest we have ever  been.

It's DAWNING everyone, the place we always dreamed.  For the beginning to the end of time, the  magic of this time.  We are going where perfection lives, inside our hearts and inside our minds.  To be pure and know love and light.  To be great and true to all the plight.  And we will only know the way, the true Soldiers who display, the LAW of LOVE throughout the land, from shore to distant shore and back again!

A song I sang for all to see their way homeward to ONENESS!

Title: Magic In the Air
Sung: White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
Drum: Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star

Fire Offers Purification

Let Us Pray Together, Let Us Be One Family, Realize Devotion, Lakota Set Us Free!

There once was a leopard who could not sea, and had all his children come home to thee, but the Leopard he thought, "I know the way", and he got lost saying, "I am the way".  The joining together is love where hate is in thee. And all we can do, is follow who is pleased. And our Great Spirit Mother who comes to show us the way, for we are her children, she has protected all this day.

Now I realize that Great (Spirit) Father has led us this far, and he is the wisdom that has driven the key into the House of David (the beloved children of God or Oneness), where all long to be, for we are united in perfect company. And even all fathers come home to see thee, for we are united in one big family. My heart is devoted to you who are true, and all who come often to view the sacred clues, will be the chosen who make it this far, to be the Ones who are embraced by Great Spirits who need thee.

I realize that all has come this way fast and knowing that tears will always make it last, for joy is upon us, the best of paradise when we forgive each other and offer the device of prayer and loyalty to those who lead the way.  They are the Great Spirits we all follow this day.  And thy lead us to harmony when we follow them. And we can be servants to God and the sky and we can be loving to the next guy, but we must claim our warriors instead of separation we use, for this is what was taught and this has no view.  The view of love inside the heart of me, is the heart of abundance that comes with the leaves (relatives) for you are my teachers every single day. and without you I certainly have no reason to pray. 

We gift the devotion when we serve the One, the Great river that always sings home.  And what do you think the Leopard has done, but follow the stream home and he is not alone.  so many need us, so many do not pray, they need the Lakota to take their place this day.  And when they rise to the top of the sky, then all will be banners of pure open highs.  It is not ceremony when you exclude the above or is we exclude our neighbors below.  And we can climb mountains together if we please.  All we have to do, is make it company.

Let us pray together, let us be one family.  Let us have four hooves that take us homeward to the skies, but if we drop one hoof, the all will fall down, because it is perfect the perfect realize.  WE need each other, even those who teach hate, for all we need do is gift love to that truth, and this will take warriors who learn to validate instead of defending, "what", for heaven's sake.  We are on a migration and this is never at an end, but this is the most exciting we could ever be part of.  And I claim the throne to all who come to my hands for I will embrace them as Kings upon the land.
sung white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
drum Holiness David running eagle shooting star
a little song of the heart for all of us together a mingling

Fire Offers Purification

Where the Red Road Flows are Hands That Set Us Free

Elder Willed One Whispering Silence, the Storms Embrace Song of Light (flesh),

The flesh is knowledge when we run, over the rolling hills of the sun, and I can fly over to you, when you believe it's all true, but what would it take to love you again, how will it be if none of us sinned, we could be mountains that touch the sky, if we could care enough to slice the pie.

The flesh is the rising of all of us, and we could be elation if we could kiss the dust and my life would be bound to you and me, when you realize that we are all free.  You just have to open your door to see, if you could believe it's all true, and I could hold your hand, when you start to sing again, and we could be dancing along the river again.

I say to open the sky to me, to believe in rainbows, it's all set free, just be inside the heart, and you can believe, that your body is knowing if you just trust in thee.  the heart is knowing when you trust in yee, and you could be all that you wanted to be, but you just have to open your heart to sea, and you would be rainbows in the sky again, to believe.

I want you to be happy, but you don't know why!  You don't understand me, because you are not part of the pie, and if you could have me, and hold me close to you, then we could be rainbows that fly across the view. over rolling hills, we walk together, to be in paradise, we could be mountains with snow that would be nice, and I could be holding you, when you need me sow, and I could be miracles when I watch you grow.

The days are long and short, depending on your view, just open the heart beams and you could see more too. and if you deny your feelings, then what do we have, but empty rainbows without a sky to dance from above.  I say, will you join me, will you be part of the breeze.  will you  be the rainbows, instead of sleeves, this means you must open your windows to see, and what you see out there is sunshine that bleeds.

What you see is sunshine out there that bleeds, the sacred red road that leads you to me.  and I want you to travel along heaven's route so you could find rainbows and all of your truth.  I say, you need hardships to show you the way, you won't understand the way of the hands, the hand that holds you, to let you know the way in, to heaven upon earth, the place of sins.  And we could bless all of the world this day, all you have to do is be a rainbow with a  view, that means you get down on your knees to pray, and we will be sacred the heavens's route this day. we will be on the red road,t he way to be free, just hold my hand and scream, I'm going to be set free, and I will bless my brothers and my sisters to be set free, for we are related and part of a sacred tree.

sung by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
drum by holiness david running eagle shooting star
where the Red Road breathes

Fire Offers Purification

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy Third Hoop

Song today Sept. 11, 2009. Warriors of Prophecy Song WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman.Ning.Com

Where the Rain (tears of joy and sorrow) and Snow (crystalline stone river) go, that's where my heart goes (soul travels on a journey). And when the fire knows the plains (the green grass grows, to offer a new home to grow), upon the muscle men (unity of rolling hills), we can find the way of miracles in the day. There seems to be the heart of all who comes to meet (oneness), the sky when it speaks (up above), for heaven only meets (greets the dust), us down below over the rolling hills. And my eyes (vision of the heart and soul), I do know (trusting self), when the rain (tears of relatives everywhere) and the fires glow (purification of water, a blessing), for we are all just rainbows (part of the Rainbow Colors who share), the sky that always knows (the heart of everyone is here inside of tears upon the rolling hills, heaven crys to offer relief).

And half of eternity is just the refection of thee, for in the darkness shows, the growth of roots inside. And we are the laughing stock of the world, when we choose to know all that's bold. And we can always hold, the sky that always knows. But if we don't look this way, inside the darkness and say, "Behold another day, just take stand to all that's bold."

But when the world does glow, the fire of purification knows, that we can be the forever told, when we share God's every glow. Now what can we do for the saints, the ones who suffer the bleak. For they know love very well, and many don't even speak. But a heart that spends time, inside the heart of another's lie, is one who keeps the heart of Gold, because they are so bold. They speak up to be truth everywhere, and they can be the ones who speak. But we know that God is here, to be, the truth of every sun.

We are cuter than we have been told, be cause God told us so. And love is the same everywhere, when we choose to look at the sun. The heart that claims only truth, to seek and speak what lies in the heart. We are the men of truth, because our women learn from you. She is the law everywhere, because she thinks we don't care. But if we choose love instead, then her heart will always win. And we the men of the sky, who travel to know every why, is traveling the heaven's above, to find the land of the Gold.

Keep inside what suns always shine, for we can always know what lies inside. But to share it with everyone, is not as easy as being the sun. I say, my Lord, I love you, for you come to hold my head up to truth. And rainbow warriors everywhere, seek God in almost every stare. We can be warriors if we choose, but learning is simply a muse. For we need have fun everyday, when God is leading the way. For majesty gives rise to dust. And we must learn to be must. For if we choose liberty (wisdom-yellow way), then we could hold our heads (flesh-the red road) up to sea (heart-blue road).

Bless thee...
Sung by white buffalo calf woman, your Twin Deer Mother Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Fire Offers Purification

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Saluda a la Salida Del Sol Mi Corazón - Sunrise Greets My Heart

Este día he llegado a saber el camino, de flowingness de Dios, y puedo decir que tengo la bendición de encontrar a mi visión de este momento, pero me pregunto quién puede abrir, para tomar el sol de la mañana? y si tengo todo lo que necesito, para ser la estrella que brilla? ¿Dónde está la canción que he estado esperando? ¿Qué puedo hacer hasta entonces? Seré recompensa de saber que, el romántico de la luna. Las formas elegantes de la luz solar vigas que atraviesan contra el cristal (la perfección cristalina) de persianas verticales (que viajan en la parte superior de las olas), el agua que no brillan y bailan en mi cabeza, me da piel de gallina que se levantan para saludar a mis lágrimas.

Y ahora puede ser un amanecer por favor, el más grande que he conocido, pero aquel que cumple con mi corazón, bajar a tirar de mí a casa? Y voy a ser la estrella que brilla, para dejarla en mi corazón? Yo quiero ser la paloma que vuela, para tomar el sol naciente estrella. ¿De dónde viene el deseo emitir sus necesidades, los deseos de todo el mundo? El amor de Dios está aquí para quedarse, aunque sólo podían recibir.

La pluma de stree con mis compañeros, Doe Pleé pa nah COE y, wee da CAH na na, domanee wee Poe, ven de pronto, jee po la ho. Canta dobladillo para la Nee, de la conquestor de venir a La plumanee, el honor Lasta KOAM de, el cato ominee, la Plesh tu, la Plesh tu, avedoo. (sonidos, por favor ayuda con la ortografía correcta, porque no saben ni lo que he dicho, el honor, plumas-pluma, la conquista, como hablo más idiomas y más voy a necesitar traductores de sonido para este. ¿Le gustaría ayudar con este ? voy a tener todo a la cinta o con traductores a mi lado. Como sé que puedo hablar cualquier idioma, que viene hacia mí, es simplemente no puedo explicar bien, como un niño. Afortunadamente los que escribo así para , parecen saber lo que estoy diciendo. esperaré su respuesta.)

Y supongo que será la canción de mí, sin embargo, la voluntad de Dios a través de tirar de mí, y me acompañará a todas las que ha llegado a mi manera, para recibir todo lo que Dios me ha manifestado. Y mi voluntad, será grande, para todos los demás sí, para mi reino reinará en la tierra. A medida que más y más llegar a casa para hacer un soporte.

canción del corazón de Mercedes hermano
cantada por la mujer búfalo blanco de la pantorrilla, su gemelo ciervos madre
ps. recordar la traducción no es correcta, porque de Tranlator en #

Mercedes Heart Song of the Soul (Hermano Mercedes Song corazón del alma)

This day I come to know the way, of flowingness of God, and I can say that I am blessed to find my visions this far, but I wonder who can open up, to catch the morning sun? and if I have all that I need, to be the star that shines?  Where is the song I have been waiting for? What can I do till then?  I will be bounty of knowing you, the romantic of the moon.  The graceful ways of sunlight beams that cross against the glass (crystalline perfection) of sheers (traveling on top of the waves), the water that does sparkle and dance in my head, give me goose bumps that rise to greet my tears.

And now I can be a sunrise please, the greatest I have ever known, but will the One who meets my heart, come down to pull me home?  And will I be the star that shines, to let her in my heart?  I want to be the dove that flies, to catch the sun rising star.  Where does the longing cast their needs, the wants of everyone?  The love of God is here to stay, if only they could receive.

La pluma de con stree my co, doe plee pa nah coe y, da wee na cah na, poe wee domanee, come de, soon, jee po la ho.  Canta hem la so nee, de la conquestor de come to la plumanee, koam lasta de honor, el cato ominee, la plesh tu, la plesh tu, avedoo. (sounds, please help with right spelling, because I don't even know what I said, honor, feathers-pen, conquest, as I speak more and more languages I will need sound translators for this.  Would you like to help with this? I will have to tape everything or have translators standing by my side.  As I know I can speak any language that comes towards me, it's I just can't spell it right, like a child. Fortunately the ones I write like this to, seem to know what I am saying. I will await your response.)

And I guess it will be the song of me yet, the will of God will pull me through, and I will accompany all that has come my way, to receive all that God has shown to me. And my will, will be great, for all others sake, for my kingdom will reign upon the land.  As more and more come home to make a stand.

heart song for brother mercedes
sung by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother

ps. remember the translation will not be correct, because of tranlator at

Warriors of the Earth  


I Bless Myself and I Bless the World