Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!

White Buffalo Calf Woman (Ptse San Wi Yan) has come home to your hearts. It's time to walk the evolution's path. We all are part of the Rainbow Clan, my relatives each and everyone. Receive the treasures that your iyes(h)ka (interpreter) gifts to you, the sacred song blessings, that always are true (soul and voice of the song). And inside of you, the soul that comes alive, the prayers that live, and shout, "I am and I thrive!"

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Aho Dear Twin Deer Mother (White Buffalo Calf Woman), If you have the time and space I would like to receive a song blessing...Thank you very much.
Blessed Be. SS your Song of Heaven, Green child, Spiritual Embrace

Southern Season Greetings, Sending love and kisses to all the misses!
your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child

Aho Beloved Twin Deer Mother, Thank you for the song!!! My soul jumps from joy and got tears in my eyes! This is how I feel inside!!! Thank you for the pics as well! They express nicely what I feel... Welcome to Paradise where the Tree of Life blossoms one's/once more!
Blessed Be. Southern Season your Song of Heaven, Green Child, Spiritual Embrace
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Larry Whispering Feathers Flies In the Clouds, Where Heaven Emerges!

Image: As Dragon Larry Whispering Feathers is here to devour the old ways of impureness, with purification of fire, to bring in the new ways of Golden Brotherhood, where our souls take flight on strands of rainbow waves glistening in the sun.  Yellow is the middle spectrum of light that binds all things together and this provides us with a reality of the dream, where the golden light leads.

It's winter in here (inward to the river of the souls). And it's so very still. And I want to share, the story of how we fell (down the rainbow from heaven).  From the sky above to light, (light) a rainbow full of delight.  Come to me, whisper in the breeze.

There you chill in the winter air, folding all that is near. Watching holding all that spring will endure, inside of your open air.   I am, the beholden sea. Take my heart and land the breeze.  I am golden light, without any plight, when I dream across the breeze (soul's flight), the holy place for me.

Winter land.  A place I stand. Here I come to hold your hand.  You are flowing in the crystalline snow, there you glow in winter land.  I hold your hand, and understand.

WE ARE ONE.  Can't you speak it out, thunder rolling across the tundra with an open heart.  all that breeze and light, it sheds open a heart of delight, where heaven emerge, into the heart of converge.

Open roads, where we tarry forth.  I say, it's the golden light of glory we emerge. I tell the song, or righteousness.  I hold the sword to bend the wind (severing ignorance).  I am the glory of rainbows, even in my sin.  But glory does fade, if I don't remember to pray.  Pray with me. Hold the breeze. Whisper please. follow me. I am here to hold the winter wonderland.

Crystal bridge, come hold my hand, be the rail (spectrum rainbow with crystal rail, or christ consciousness or perspective of Oneness, Godly), that sets me free.  Let me ride the rainbow delight down there, where my golden hair (brotherhood of the golden light) will set me free.  I will set you free, don't you feel it in your knees, bend down and pray with me, come and hold out all that disease.  Army of God, it's inside of me (rainbow warriors of prophecy).

(talking) Stop telling me what to do (I will trust myself instead).  I have so much I must follow in the flue (the raging crystalline rock river of the blue of you and me).  But you don't get the story straight, you think I am without a trace.  Don't you think that golden hair is the fleece* (the soul flies on the rainbow pathways of the hair) that you should wear (brotherhood). It's the guardian of David's tomb (protector of King David's resting place, born again from within the darkness, the children of light, shall lead the army of God, the rainbow warriors of righteousness, in order that you may shine bright), it's the heart of all heirlooms (beloved children of God, generation to generation).  (end talking)

Take my wind, and let blow.  Feel my heart and know it glows, let us vacuum up the show, and bellow forth and create a north (where light hits the people and ignites, the purification process).

Witness wonderland, I have come to stand. Guardian (protecting brotherhood) of the fleece (rainbow colors where we soar over rolling hills, the waves of delight when we sing our hearts out), where there is no disease (brotherhood is known). I have set my feet to the raging warrior's beat (through all plight, I will endure, to command the soul to emerge, within my rainbow robe).  I have set my sails to gate (gait, walk this way, into the heart, open door) around the world.

Bellow forth, it's the north, where the light begins to glow.  Know your heart is where we feel and impart, the mission of what is in a Rainbow, the covenant that we all know.  Dance with me, hold the breeze, where tundra touches the light (of heaven, the stars) and unite, blind our sight (Aurora Borealis).

Jump one two three, catch up with me.  Look where we go, down the mighty slope.  Here the storm can be grand, on top of the mountain's land, but I am the mighty Norse (sails the blue seas as a great warrior, conquers, destroys, feasts, as we need destroy the old ways of living to bring in the new ways of brotherhood), who comes to take my stand.  Fire billows from me (dragon who purifies), can't you see so far in the breeze, I light a sword (severs ignorance) to tell me it's home, to shine like a battle just won.  One two three, catch my knees, pray with me and fight with loving leaves (relatives).  Bring us home.  Listen to the tomes (tune, volumes, divisions or listen to the heart of your brothers and sisters, different but perfect like you).  There we go, down a flow, the crystalline road.

Begin to grow, springtime (dreams of brotherhood) I await your show!

Sung for Larry Gates Whispering Feathers (aqua, green, yellow, gray), 
realization of the dream.  Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal person (crystal, yellow, green, gray), wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter and sacred drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand, elder lavender person (lavender, yellow, aqua), living fire of purification, our Holiness.

*golden fleece: a prince listens to a relative (Oak branch), and the relative spoke travel the seas. A true heart can be turned golden. In this story of Jason and the Argonauts, this was the most beautiful object ever seen on earth.  It hung upon the Oak Tree in a sacred grove (family, relatives together), where it had now been kept for many years, and was the envy of mighty kings, who had nothing as magnificent in any of their palaces. This story tells us that the golden heart of brotherhood is the highest treasure of all the land, where it flows to and fro, like the great oceans waves we journey in our hearts. 

Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow (star of david)!

Lisping Wise One Teaches Us to Glow Divine, In the Wind That Shines

Today my heart glows, whenever I know, it's truth in the wind.  I am blinded by all the seas. I can't seem to find in me. But I know you are part of me. I can feel the heart in the wind. And your discomfort inside, is part of what is hide.  Don't you glow like me?  I am free in the sea.  Won't you follow me, where the sun shines today, inside my heart is gay.  I know it's truly the heart's display of the sacred run away. So excited in you, that you will learn too, how to bless everything, how to whisper and sing.  I want you to be, the frozen tundra, where all beasts come to you, to live off your cues.  And where it's so cold, it feels barren yet bold, my heart will go there, because there is so much air.  It's space, with a view, between the worlds, it is felt, the dance in the sky, and how I walk on by (journeying along). 

Can't you see the Golden Fleece (strands of rainbow lights, that our souls take flight. it's yellow light, which carries the middle spectrum, where our dreams lie, golden lights oh so bright, it's brotherhood  fearlessly seeking to gain a human direction)?  The heart of those who miss?  Do you chime to another beat?  I say, it's glorious, when we use our feet (walk the red road, the law of love, blessing all from above).  And when we learn to walk the right way, we learn that we all need to pray.  It's the sacred dance we hold, to be sacred and be grateful.  I am sad when you do not glow, or even know of it's sacred show, the dance of the sacred lights, the fire's light that is so bright (the light from within).  And I want you to know, I hold your hand, any how.  For it's the blue in me that greets all neighbors in the streets.  I'll show you how to grow (walk home, with an inner light). I'll show you how to blow(speak your heart).  I'll show you which way to go.  It's the sacred heart, that must learn to glow. And prayer will lead the way, into another sacred day. 

It's prayer that will save your life, when sacredness is where you stay (relative to space, you must create sacred space without). And I know Religion is sound, because we just don't listen or expound the rules of God.  We just think we heard.  And when it's time to learn to run, when we don't have a place to call home, it's only then, the sacred dance, lies in the wind.  It's what we do and say, when we look and blow away, the heart of you and me, for we are the deep open gigantic seas.  And I will stay with you whereever you go, to learn how to be a sacred show, to shine a light, to bee (dream the  impossible flight) so bright.  I know it's first I must run, to trust all the sound (waves of feelings from other hearts), which blows in the wind, and learn to walk, in solemn thoughts (blessings them).  I wish you could join me hear, the place my heart always fears, that you will not know, how great you could glow (waves of delight, knowing the wisdom within knows).

You are the Shining Light Within.  I hold your heart beneath my skin and we are one, because we live under the sun.  And all that is heard and divine, will know sacred if prayer is heard, to be mankind, a humane and living vine (wave strands, we journey upon). Can't you sea us grow, along the sharpest willows blow (seeds that always root, in other words no matter how hard it gets). And I say, it's understood, how to be desparate in a time of God, but it's a sound that knows, that we must grow.....into sacred rainbows.  We must shine light and walk out into the world, and create sanctuary, for beasts and fury.  

And we could bring loving lines, into our hearts, even if we are blind, when we trust our souls, the heart, that speaks so bold. And there inside my divining heart, I seek that we never part, for we are one within me, and I will always follow thee. And when you are cold and gray, remember that God does prayer, for you tonight, in the willows light (along the red road, the embrace of love). And greatness is never feared, when shadows come home so bold, to light their own waves, to be part of the sacred haze.  I sea, the worship in everyone, to be divine and to be understood. I sing to thee, to be knowing and bee free.  I want you to have what I have, the heart that shines out, to the rest, to let me ring a heart that sings (eternal bells to bee free). I whisper to the wind.

Sacred Song Blessing for Lisping Wise One (rainbow colors of the buffalo home, for sacred directions that glow; blue, magenta, yellow, gray) sung by white buffalo calf woman (crystal, yellow, green, gray), wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter. 

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
 Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!

There I go into the Blue, the heart of the world, where no one used, the plain and simple, "I love you", instead, they sought, to go for the few. Not only do they walk away, but they simply don't know how to pray. Why don't they seek out the blessed way? And if I could bring the heart to it's know, then I say, "Bless the sacred Rainbow". We are all part of this wondrous dance, but it's the heart of the Rainbow, that knows, which way to go. If only we could all believe in this world, then we would all gather, like we should. Brother shall reign, I know it to bee true, just have to take part of all the leaves (on the tree of life, we are relatives). Sisterhood bring the law of this song, then all will know how to get along and bee free! join us to receive songs like this, subscribe at


I Bless Myself and I Bless the World