Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!

White Buffalo Calf Woman (Ptse San Wi Yan) has come home to your hearts. It's time to walk the evolution's path. We all are part of the Rainbow Clan, my relatives each and everyone. Receive the treasures that your iyes(h)ka (interpreter) gifts to you, the sacred song blessings, that always are true (soul and voice of the song). And inside of you, the soul that comes alive, the prayers that live, and shout, "I am and I thrive!"

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Aho Dear Twin Deer Mother (White Buffalo Calf Woman), If you have the time and space I would like to receive a song blessing...Thank you very much.
Blessed Be. SS your Song of Heaven, Green child, Spiritual Embrace

Southern Season Greetings, Sending love and kisses to all the misses!
your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child

Aho Beloved Twin Deer Mother, Thank you for the song!!! My soul jumps from joy and got tears in my eyes! This is how I feel inside!!! Thank you for the pics as well! They express nicely what I feel... Welcome to Paradise where the Tree of Life blossoms one's/once more!
Blessed Be. Southern Season your Song of Heaven, Green Child, Spiritual Embrace
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Monday, February 28, 2011

Crystal Child

There is a vision in my heart, to bring in law from start to start (sacred circle), the beginning of time, that shines a face, where God is umbrellaed with full grace (oneness point of view, in crystal persons). Rainbows fall upon me, where the crystal children may be. For they gift their souls beyond us. And lessons they would bee.  The soul of others must forgive us, the crystal child, who knows the way. The path of love, is always beyond us, because we sea (vision with a heart), perfectly free!

There is no time or place that is denied us. There is no treble, that causes shame.  All are part of this great big oneness. All are part of wholey and pure grace.  Come little children, crystal elders, come find a wave that longs to be, all the white soldiers, the animal kingdom, that brings us loud, clear to bee ..... Prophecy .....  There is my heart, where the sails of all gales, walks home to me. Crystal child awaits the sinners to return deers  (journey home). From the long journey you think you failed to sea (vision from your heart).

The crystal child, who grows up without love from their life, because heaven had not arrived in time.  But as we move through time, we know of your chime. Crystal child, come home this time for awhile, while others learn to forgive you.  Remember your crystal view.  Heaven does crown you, for all the world. Heaven knows all you spill.  You gift the life of liberty, for those who learn to seek and believe.  The crystal door from heaven open your heart, bring to sing and let us walk home this part, appears within the waters blue, the red road, that's home and true. Crystal child, may be wild, but a heart that longs to spin a galaxy.  Let us remember to return to thee, the crown of heaven belongs to the breeze.  Where all the children must walk through this door, the crystalline floor.

Pillars of fortune, clouds your fame, because others want to know how you gain. Always knowing, just what to do and knowing just what to gift to the view. It's not easy being always right. It's not easy stirring up plight, but it's for heaven upon this world, to bring in law and order for this sacred girth.  And our souls, will long to be free, when they (rainbow clan) turn their lessons in to treasures of liberty.  And our souls will beckon to the sky, to know glory all this journey all the while.  Paradise, show your face. Gift a heart, without disgrace. Teach a world, where love is last, in the past, in the trance. Love grows everywhere, inside and out.  Long before it's said, and twice as far.  We are going to lead this world home, where the crystal children learn to call on the phone (praise in song to the winds).  Theirs is power majesty, because love will always lead and heaven opens any door, to find a heart willing to be explored. All you have to do, is come on through (Rainbow Clan), when you forgive, all the crystal children too.

Web of glory, children of time. Learn to pick up your heart and chime (sing together). It's a beginning for a brand new world, when the crystal children are held. Because most are left alone, even children forget to phone (sing).  Crystal child, adult all the while, look inside and sing your heart and smile. Know you are greatness (crystal person), when you deliver your sin*, the soul is learning to come on in. And when you deliver it the wrong way, just know it's part of your sacred display (lesson, you hope will become a treasure and deliver them homeward to their own soul's greatness).

* Deliver sin by a crystal person, means "You get what you give including sin, but without malice and with real love, through righteousness, that shows the way into a living happy heart, when one forgives and is free to bee/dream as part of the living tree of God's world, Oneness.  For a crystal person, it's the soul's command, to offer the lesson must bee (dream impossible dreams) the demand (law of love upon the red road, in the physical world), in order for you, rainbow clan, to know personal evolution and become free to fly in heaven's arms, the crystal persons, hopes for your charm."

And when the world turns and looks away.  And when the crystal child doesn't want to play. All alone in the world, they feel, because no one thinks they are real.  For lessons mean, I'm in your face, only those who give a human trace, will walk towards your broken heart, the white* child prophesied and a part. We send love to you, when others went. We send harmony in the springs of government (clan law).  We bring law and order to this world, just trust your heart fulfilled. It's time for us to come on home, crystal children, find a heart and make it run (over rolling hills and into the sun).  

* The many white animals, who foretell of the returning of the stars of heaven, with the white buffalo as the many crystal children, who will bring law and order to this world in the third phase of evolution, which binds with heaven very soon. It's prophecy and it's in bloom.

Rainbow colors, that shine through you (crystal person). Bring in laughter and a sacred truth. Crystal children, walk with me, this day, because it's a Rainbow display (we also each carry three other colors). Rainbow children (the whole clan) are part of you. And crystal children, will show us true, for only this truth you show (be displayed), will bring the heart of the lamenting show (bring peace to tears).  And all our tears we gift for others, who do not know to cry or to shout, we fill the world, with a voice that is envied (speaking truth), but it's what our hearts long of course (to be righteous for all of God's ports, the shore of a spiritual heart). We share the truth of heaven's course. We share the wealth of man and his port, the avenue, which he lives on, it now just the beginning of dawn. And it's brotherhood, that will allow this child to be free, teaching the heart of humanity. Crystal child, we bless the love in thee.

White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother Sings, an elder crystal person and Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star your Father Red Hand, an elder lavender person. Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy.   

All shall be aware of the heart of the crystal child, the one who delivers the tears, for you to be aware. Wake up crystal child, wake up all the little children out there. Wake up the Rainbow Clan, who live in complete fear. Wake up and make a stand, that we are Greatness, that commands, the humble heart of God's world, when we all learn to share.

Relatives in the World, To learn more about crystal children, please visit this blog  To learn about your rainbow colors, please ask White Buffalo Calf Woman by emailing To learn more about Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy please visit and music  Thank you Rainbow Clan, for learning the truth about crystal children in this world.  There are many rainbow colors, not only crystal or indigo, but a many splendid colors live in this world. Learn how important your rainbow color is, like blue is the heart of the world. And yellow is the dreamer. And violet is the voice of God that stands like a mountain. Rainbow is our Mother from heaven, who shares play with us all. And so many other rainbow colors to be known. Learn about rainbow colors, by joining us today on the hoops. Visit  All is gifted by, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, who are here to share the truth with the world, with a blanket of love. Thank you, and blessings of the sacred nine directions, White Buffalo Calf Woman, elder crystal person and holy interpreter, a gift for you!

Terms Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow Clan

Indigo is the perfect six sided crystalline structure of the soul body, multi-colored each of us have. We can all fly, when we dream. The Indigo person is often a prophet and great teacher who lives with visions and conflict. Most of us do not live our lives like this. Indigo represents our Soul body. An Indigo Person is a Great Warrior and brings to us the inner reflection towards truth! They inspire you to enter your Vision Quest. Indigo (perfect soul body)

Crystal is the perfect six sided crystalline structure of the Physical Body, a powerful and loving being who gifts, the actions of your dream. The Crystal person is reader of the book of life, the sacred four directions, who speaks directly with God and interprets the absolute truth. Crystal represents our Physical body. Most of us do no live our lives like this. Crystal represents our Physical body. A Crystal Person is a Great Warrior and brings peace through the lesson. They inspire you to become your dream of love and peace, what we often call happiness! Crystal (perfect physical body)

The Rainbow Clan are the Sacred Multi-Colored Auras of the Blue in You and Me, our Relation or family. Each of us carry Four Sacred Directions. The Circle of Colors, the Rainbow reflects off the Ocean Blue. Born from these lights We are Perfect Children Within. Each of us carry a Dream seeking Love. The Path we follow are the Four Sacred Directions Written in our Garment of Lights. We belong to the Rainbow Clan. These unseen colors guide us towards our mission. This is written in your Sacred Garment of Lights, the Holy Temple, where Truth is written in the Book of Life! Only a Crystal Person can read this Book of Life.

Embracing and attaining spiritual knowledge(seeking)and allowing the directional flowing(ebb and flow)of the eternal ages Reveals Greatness. A Light From Within. We are the Reflection of our Blue oceans and sky.Water provide us with all that life offers in Unity! Spiritual Warriors are born to be Perfect Blessings

Email to ask for your rainbow colors, the four sacred directions of your rainbow, the body of lights often referred to as auras, however, only a crystal person, can read these colors correctly as colors cross over each other and it gets very confusing. White Buffalo Calf Woman is an Elder Crystal person, who is happy to read your four sacred directions as part of the great give-a-way, the blessings from G_ah_d (utterance of heavenly transmission) or the Divine of "I am" and "I am part of the Greater Universe of the Whole Oneness". Blessings upon your deeds today!
To learn more about crystal children and other rainbow colors, please visit this blog
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!


I Bless Myself and I Bless the World